HOLLYWOOD─Last week was a great week on “Days of Our Lives,” this week things got even better. For starters, Kristen finally locked down the location of Sarah and her daughter Rachel in Paris. It was a confrontation worth it all people as a bit of truth was delivered and Sarah had to face the truth: Mackenzie was not her daughter. She handed over the child to Kristen, who has a warrant out for her arrest for the attempted murder of Victor Kiriakis.

It looks like Kristen is about to see her final days in Salem as actress Stacey Haiduk has been let go from the role, just as I was becoming fond of the actress as the new Kristen, taking over the character made famous by Eileen Davidson. Looks like Kristen is about to be on the run with Rachel for the foreseeable future, much to Brady’s blessing. I don’t know what the writers are doing with Brady, but they seem to be making the character dumber by the minute.

Sarah was an emotional wreck, but thankfully Rex was by her side to comfort her just as she returned to Salem to chat with dear ole mom, Maggie who was reeling that her drunken take at the wheel killed Adrienne and her granddaughter. However, as I stated a twist was in the works. How so? Well, Maggie was drugged the night she got behind the wheel, and the culprits involved in the chaos on that Mother’s Day were revealed to the audience in epic fashion. Surprised? Slightly. Was the reveal game-changing, you bet! Let’s just say the guilt that Maggie was feeling can now be relieved people.

In other Salem news, Abigail is indeed hallucinating and spiraling from her mental illness once again people and not in the best of ways. First she spiraled in Chad’s presence, then flipped out on Ciara and Sonny at the hospital, now Kate. Yeah, Chad the music is on the wall something is off with Abigail and her family is starting to see it. I mean the fingers were pointed right at Gabi, but that was way too easy people. Gabi has done some dastardly deeds, but that just seems a bit much and way too easy for the viewer.

Lani was all over it, ugh, this character is getting tired and just annoying at this point. I’m so HAPPY that Eli read her the riot act about helping Kristen escape and hopefully she loses her badge or something. Lani needs to be knocked down a few pegs people because her holier than though act is just damn annoying at this point. Back to Gabi, her second face-to-face with Jake was met with anger, before she confronted him at his garage, where the two shared a kiss.

Jake insists he’s not Stefan, but we know Jake is indeed hiding something as goons ruffed up Ben thinking he was Stefan. Not only that, but Kate spilled all the tea about Stefan’s past, just as he got a call noting that he was taking ‘care’ of something. I love this mystery people! Speaking of Ben, he popped the question to Ciara who accepted and Hope realized there is no point in fighting the fact that her daughter wants to marry a serial killer.

No matter how reformed Ben might be, he’s a killer people whose choices have forever impacted the lives of Eve and Abigail. I couldn’t blame them for never wanting to be in this guy’s orbit. I’m really not going to tackle the Orpheus, Marlena and John storyline because it’s boring and I just don’t care about it enough to write on it. Not to mention the notion that we might have a potential Steve and Hope pairing as the jealous side of Kayla seems to be emerging.

This brings us back to the madness headed in Xander’s direction from Sarah, Brady and a host of others in the baby swap. Xander thinks he might be able to win Sarah back, but buddy I would not count those horses. Your latest stunt might be the thing that severs you with Sarah, Victor and the rest of Salem forever. I just thought of something, how hasn’t Victor or Xander been arrested for their role in the swap/kidnapping of Rachel from Brady and Kristen? It seems like that might be the one angle Brady has up his sleeve that will help Kristen get yet another, get out of jail free card.