HOLLYWOOD─Things are really starting to heat up on “General Hospital” and it’s all courtesy of the town’s pariah Nelle Benson. You know how you have those characters you love to hate? Well Nelle is not that character. She is a character that you hate with a passion. Why? She is so good at covering her tracks one wonders if she will ever receive her comeuppance. It tends to happen in daytime TV or in the soap arena; it just takes a lot longer than expected.

It’s amazing that Sasha and Chase have actually pulled off an epic caper on Nelle who suspects Sasha and Chase actually cheated. Will she ever be stunned that the master manipulator was manipulated. She’ll be livid, especially as she learns that Michael and Willow are about to tie the knot, just in time for this big custody hearing. Nelle doesn’t have material witnesses to testify on her behalf. I mean she is totally snowing Nina, who has been warned by both Jax and Carly that she is willing to allow people to see the heart that she has in her for forgiving others.

With that said, it looks like Nina is weighing heavily on the decision of rather to testify on behalf of Nelle (only to betray her while on the witness stand) or to actually vouch for the troubled woman who has had a tumultuous past when it comes to parenting and building lifelong bonds. I will say one thing, Nelle has an ace of a lawyer in Martin Gray it just begs a bigger question why Martin is continuing to help Nina? What does he get out of it? Is it on the bequest of Valentin, who seems to angling to turn over a new leaf?

I mean, he’s made some peace with Lulu regarding Charlotte, and now it seems he might have gotten a ‘wink’ from Nina to fight to be better than what he has been in the past. Rather those two rekindle their relationship is up in the air people, but Nina does seem to have a way of bringing out the best out in people. Here’s my problem, we got teased that Nelle had the other half of that necklace that Madeline gave Nina, but we’re still waiting on confirmation on rather Nelle is Nina’s long-lost daughter or if she’s a red herring for Willow, who many suspected for quite a while to be the daughter Nina had stolen from her.

“General Hospital” you have to do better with dragging these storylines. I mean nearly 2 years before Michael learned that Jonah was alive, now we’re edging what seems like 2 years ago on knowledge first being revealed that Nina’s daughter who she suspected died, is still very much alive. I suspect the audience will find out soon, but Nina and the rest of Port Charles won’t learn the truth until another year or so.

With that said a war is brewing between Sonny Corinthos and Cyrus Renault. Sonny is juggling quite a bit with Mike’s final days seeming to approach on “GH” and the threat of another drug lord wanting to take over his turf. Jason and Sonny are prepared for war, and biting their time before they strike. I mean Laura, Jordan, Curtis and the rest of PC are all ready to take out Cyrus, and something tells me there is much more going on with Curtis and Portia than meets the eye. She always seems nervous around Curtis, like she wants to admit something, but never garners up the courage to make it happen. There is some speculation that Curtis might be Trina’s father, and to be honest I would not be surprised if it turned out to be true people.

It was exciting to see the Davis family slightly at war as Kristina and Sam had a war of words, just as Alexis learned she has been disbarred. Like isn’t this the second time this has happened to her? I mean Kristina was speaking plenty of truth about Sam loving the element of danger people. Peter’s little stunt to keep Robert occupied by going after his former wife Holly who has been reported ‘dead’ looks like it might blow up in his face. How so? Peter never expected Felicia, Mac, Anna, Maxie and Robert himself to take the news so tough. Making matters worse is Anna discovered something about Holly’s death that just is not adding up.

See Peter, you got a bit greedy and it looks like this might be your undoing pal, jeez, I cannot wait to see the exposure of Peter and Nelle. They are two characters who are long due to have to face the music and in epic fashion. We still know the person who could neutralize Nelle is Liesl Obrecht who was well aware as to what Nelle was up to that night she swapped babies. What irony would it be if Obrecht was the person to bring down both Peter and Nelle? One can only hope, and to be honest I can totally see it happening in the coming weeks.

With all that said, Nelle found another ace up her sleeve by blackmailing Julian to be her ally at the risk of his secret coming out that he was responsible for the crash that nearly killed Lucas. It’s not good Julian, because it will immediately send red flags to a host of people’s way, especially Sonny, who pegged it with certainty that something was not right.

Not only is Julian about to be exposed for knowing about the baby swap and saying nothing, but he was the cause of a crash that nearly killed Carly’s brother. Nelle’s blackmail of Julian might lead to her downfall because we know the reformed bad guy has been dancing with the dark side lately, and to be honest I’d love to see mobster Julian back in full force. I feel like it has been forever since a notable character on “GH” had a date with the Grim Reaper, maybe it’s time.