UNITED STATES—I did something this past week that gave me absolute glee, so much to the point that I’m starting to realize that this is something I need to do more often.  I muted my cellphone, to be honest I had no idea I had the ability to do such a thing on my device. Look, I am someone who is technically savvy, but at the same time I don’t really play with my gadgets to understand their fullest potential. For so many people, they are glued to their cellphone, but I like to be the exact opposite. I hate it! I use it because it’s a form of communication that I need for work and family.

There is one major problem: the phone never stops when it comes to text messages or incoming calls. Exactly, what the hell does that mean? The notion of getting a text message unnerves me to the core. I have not been able to understand exactly why I tense up or my blood pressure rises with the notion that SOMETHING has gone wrong.

I guess I can blame myself for allowing it to transpire so long. Sometimes you just have to disconnect from all the madness and chaos that surrounds you. The goal is not to cut people off, but I desperately needed a peace of mind. It’s like the constant worry or thought of something being wrong and having to fix an issue when you’re not supposed to be actively working is frustrating. Look I’m not on call 24/7, so stop assuming if you TEXT you’re going to get an immediate response.

After being inundated with call after call and text after text, I just shut it off. For nearly 24 hours, I had utter peace. Peace that I never imagined was possible. I told anyone who was anyone that if they needed to contact me to call the house phone. I guess that is the great thing about a landline; you don’t have to worry about receiving a text message because the technology just isn’t there. It does have its perks after all.

The thing about technology is while it benefits us in so many ways; it has its drawbacks as well. You become emotionally attached to that device, you feel a sense of desperation to constantly check minute after minute to ensure you haven’t missed a text message, a phone call or an email. Why do we think this way nowadays? Why are we not able to go back to the classic mobile device; the one that was bulky or perhaps one that is flip phone where text capabilities are not as easy as they currently are with the smartphone.

Let’s be honest your phone can do almost anything nowadays. It’s not just for calling and sending text messages, you can check email, you can search the internet, you can bank, you can make payments at retailers with your phone. I mean what’s next, a device that can print out papers, send faxes and so much more? I would not dismiss those claims because it is very likely to transpire.

The point in this discussion is to make it known that you are NOT REQUIRED to feel obligated to check that phone day in and day out. In doing so you will easily burn yourself out, to the point where you’re not able to pause for a moment to have a few seconds to yourself.  Heed my advice, you have to disconnect because if you fail to do so, you’ll become exhausted and by that point it’s already too late. You’ve allowed technology to control your life versus you controlling the technology that you’ve purchased.

Written By Kelsey Thomas