SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, March 5, five San Joaquin County inmates were transported to San Francisco on a day pass to be interviewed for the Delancey Street Foundation rehabilitation program. Over the course of the day, two inmates—Elijah Ismael Cervantes, 23, and Stevie Lashawn Wilson, 34—escaped the facility.

Cervantes was arrested for an attempted carjacking last December. During the incident, recorded on video, the suspect climbed into the backseat of the car where the victims three children were before attempting to climb into the driver’s seat.

The victim alerted her husband and other people who were nearby. Video footage shows them dragging Cervantes out of the car before pinning him to the ground until authorities arrived on the scene. He was charged with carjacking, child cruelty, battery, and parole revocation.

Wilson was in custody for charges related to second-degree robbery, carrying a loaded gun (as a non-registered owner), being a felon or an addict in possession of a firearm, and possessing ammunition as a prohibited person.

Facility staff indicated they last saw Cervantes around 10:45 a.m. and Wilson around 1:45 p.m. that day.

Both men were captured on Tuesday, March 10, in Stockton and taken into police custody. Wilson was brought in later in the afternoon. Cervantes was found in Stockton and initiated a pursuit. He was taken into custody after crashing his vehicle in front of St. Mary’s High School. Cervantes faces new charges following his escape.