SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, July 21, a U.S. Mint Officer shot a pit bull by the name of Blue in the leg outside the San Francisco coin factory.

Around 6 a.m., 11-month-old Blue managed to escape from his home and with another pit bull named Luna began to wonder the streets. A Mint employee was on her way to work when she was confronted by Blue; using her cane she managed to fend the dog off and screamed for help.

A U.S. Mint Officer heard the screams and saw what appeared to be a dog attacking a woman. The dog then attacked both a homeless man and a jogger. When the dog ran towards the officer, he shot the pooch in the leg.

The dog suffered a shattered bone in its knee and ran back towards home. There were no reported injuries during the incident. Blue was taken to a veterinarian and his companion Luna was apprehended by Animal Care and Control.

According to reports, Blue may have to have his leg amputated noted Deb Campbell, spokeswoman for the San Francisco animal Care and Control. The officer who shot Blue has been assigned to light duty. Two separate investigations will take place, one by the San Francisco Police Department and the other by The U.S. Mint Police.

It has yet to be determined as to whether or not the owner of the dog will receive their dog back; it will be decided depending on the results of the investigations and whether or not the dog was acting aggressively.