HOLLYWOOD—Some interesting things have transpired on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” in recent weeks, the most notable being the situation involving Nikki Newman. Why? Nikki fell off the wagon and started drinking again, after being tormented by a mysterious figure that is well aware of her role in J.T. Hellstrom’s demise. Stumbling in the dark of the night, Nikki found herself the victim of a hit-and-run. The madness of the situation is the person behind the wheel was her grandson, Reed.

Yes, the writers are giving the kids on the soap a storyline. Charlie hasn’t had much to do since Hilary died, Shauna left town and Lily was carted off to prison. Reed’s return is very welcome because it amplifies the entire mystery if who is tormenting the fearsome four with J.T. Reed has been tormented by his actions, just as Nick has vowed to locate the culprit. I will admit Joshua Morrow has overacted a bit recently with his scenes of rage; they’re not as convincing as one would think.

It’s amazing with all the hints that Reed has dropped NO ONE has picked up on him being the culprit behind the wheel. Overwhelmed with guilt, in a private conversation with Nikki, Reed confessed to his role in her injury. The question remains if Nikki will remember what Reed has disclosed and if she’ll turn in her own grandson for nearly killing her. This brings us to the glorious news of the hour, as a vigil was held at the hospital to pay their respects to Nikki (who doesn’t appear to have much longer to live, but we all know that is a big fat ruse), Victor Newman aka The Moustache returned to town.

Where has Victor been? Well, his portrayer Eric Braden has been on hiatus from the show the past few weeks, but made his grand return this week and it was worth it. Victor is about to bring a much needed zest of energy to the soap which has been lacking lately in my opinion. Rey suspects him as the primary culprit in J.T.’s ‘murder.’ We all know he isn’t dead; it is more of a question now on WHEN he’ll return. Victor will be determined to find out who nearly killed his wife, and we all know Victor will go to extreme lengths to protect or punish his family for their misdeeds.

We can expect to see some epic confrontations between Victor, Nick, Abby, Victoria and so many others in Victor’s orbit as he makes his presence well known in Genoa City. Like I said, I’m glad Victor is back in the flesh because not much has happened in recent weeks, we’re seeing romance on top of romance with little friction or friction that doesn’t matter much. If anything is worth noting it’s the sparks between Rey and Sharon and Sharon and Nick. Phyllis is a jealous one and that moment she spotted Sharon consoling Nick about his mother sent red flags. Mariah even noticed the sparks between Rey and her mother, and warned her to be aware they are more than just friends.

This complicates the matter because Mia and Rey have consummated their relationship, but Rey is still strongly attracted to Sharon. We’ve already seen a kiss; I can see a passionate hookup as we approach the New Year, if not around Valentine’s Day at the latest. With 2019 just days away, the writers on “Y&R” better explode this J.T. storyline in a way that leaves fans floored, otherwise it will be the biggest flop in daytime history, of late anyway.