Vivica Fox, Kenya Moore Diva “Apprentice” Fight

The gloves came off in Monday's episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" between Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore.

HELLO AMERICA!—Watching Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” this week was like having a front row seat watching Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao going at it. However, the combatants in the ring were actress Vivica Fox and model Kenya Moore. The two women didn’t hesitate to throw the nastiest verbal ghetto blows and punches.

Kenya did not hesitate to let the world know that she would do what was necessary to bring Vivica down. To prove her strategy she quickly told Vivica that it was obvious that she has had plastic surgery so many times, no one really knew what she looked like.

Vivica determined not to be shot down, mentioned that Kenya should take some of her layers of false eyelashes off so people could see what she really looked like. When Vivica inferred that Kenya was just a “ghetto” star, this made Kenya more determined to get Vivica fired and the battle was on.

Suddenly, during the planning of their team project, Vivica yelled that she could not find her cell phone. Of course, immediately the way she announced her concern, one easily surmised that someone had taken it. And guess who was suspected as being the thief?

The suspicion became even more evident when in the boardroom, the two teams converged to be judged by Donald Trump and his staff. Trump asked Kenya what she thought about Vivica’s participation in developing their commercial challenge and Kenya inferred that she felt that Vivica wasn’t a dedicated team player. She concluded this after reading a tweet that Vivica wrote that it was hard as hell for a woman of 50 having to deal with menopausal problems.

Hearing this, Vivica exploded, denying she ever tweeted something like that. She claimed that someone stole her cell phone and wrote the disgusting tweet on her blog. She quickly accused Kenya of being the guilty one and from that moment on there was a verbal fight, one that most Hollywood writers might find it difficult to create.

It was easy to see that Trump would be putting the “Vivica and Kenya” team on the block. However, one had to admit that it was exciting and good television – there is nothing more enjoyable than watching two women going at it and letting it all hang out.

Kenya noted that she was determined to get Vivica fired and if one thing didn’t work, she had other weapons to use in order to get rid of the actress. Well, it didn’t work. Trump obviously could see what kind of game Kenya was playing and quickly fired her.

You know folks the entire episode was rather neatly put together which made one wonder if the whole Kenya and Fox episode was cleverly put together by a staff writer. It would not surprise me at all if it were true; after all this is what Hollywood is all about.