HOLLYWOOD—Audiences of “The Walking Dead” have been waiting for a battle to erupt, well the wait is over. Sunday’s episode, ‘Ghosts’ showed the war brewing between Alpha, The Whisperers, Michonne, the Hilltop, the Kingdom and Alexandria, and Carol most notably. This was indeed a fun episode America.

Alpha promised to take action against those who crossed her border, and she made good on those threats this week, that left residents in Alexandria paranoid to the fifth degree, just as everyone else was planning for the inevitable. We open to Carol and residents of Alexandria dispatching of walkers, but we’re working on a time clock apparently, where with each hour, more and more walkers dawned on the group, and more people got involved in the fight.

Eugene dropped the bomb that waves of the walkers were a direct result of Alpha and The Whisperers, which later became news to Daryl and Michonne. After more than 2 days of battling walkers, our heroes realized the threat of The Whisperers is not going away anytime soon. A Whisperer delivered a message, but Michonne and Daryl was not ready to buy what was being sold, just as Lydia informed her new residents that if Alpha wanted them dead, it would have already been done.

Yes, there was plenty of uproar in Alexandria about taking out the big bad, but Michonne brought up a major point: without a plan, they could be lying dead in the water. Carol was not willing to head to the border unarmed, and dare I say, I agree with her. Is Negan actually afraid to fight? Hmm, this is an interesting development. Aaron was not comfortable having Negan tag along with him on their mission to dismantle the Whisperers. Daryl, Michonne, Carol, and a few others showed up to the border surrendering their weapons. Carol struggled realizing this is the place where Henry died.

Alpha made her presence known, and issued threats, as Whisperers pulled out weapons, Carol was ready to utilize her gun. Alpha wanted to take more land, but Carol was not having it. Oh, I loved this rivalry between Alpha and Carol; Alpha thinks she instills fear in Carol, but her talking about Henry almost led to Carol shooting Alpha blowing her face off. Carol nearly caught one of Whisperers, just as Negan and Aaron dispatched of a few walkers.

This fight between Aaron and Negan was fun, just as Negan atoned for his sins from the past. Aaron touched a chord when he chatted about Negan’s wife, and nearly met his maker because of it, but Negan saved him before running off. Michonne questioned if Carol’s pills are causing her to hallucinate, which I didn’t think of, but it makes sense. Daryl shared a tale about his father that resonated with Carol. She is indeed seeing things because she isn’t sleeping.

Aaron with his vision faulty, searched for Negan, who was sitting quietly in that cabin as walkers entered. Negan came to a frenemy’s aide, when he needed it most, just as I thought Negan was about to cross back over to the dark side. Wow, that entire tale that Daryl told was something Carol made up in her head. This is crazy, this woman is losing her marbles and she is crafting her own narrative. So the time element makes sense at the begging of the episode, it was all about how long Carol has gone without adequate sleep! So was Carol really battling all those walkers or was it all in her head? I’m so lost right now people.

Siddiq was also battling some demons dealing with the horrors of what Alpha inflicted on him while killing the others. Eugene and Rosita discussed the merits of their friendship, just as Negan and Aaron came to a meeting of the minds. Yeah, Carol injured herself while hallucinating and had to have surgery to fix the wound.

So wait, Carol wasn’t hallucinating because as daylight dawned, a Whisperer awoke with a bullet wound that was the courtesy of Carol. Ok, this was a fun episode, full of plenty and I mean plenty of surprises, so I cannot wait to see what unfolds “Walking Dead” die-hards!