HOLLYWOOD—Last week, Daryl left The Kingdom on “The Walking Dead,” and the tease from last week made it clear the narrative would check in on where things stand with Negan and The Kingdom. This week’s episode ‘Hostiles and Calamities’ saw Negan teaching Eugene an important lesson about challenging his authority.

Dwight was a bit unnerved after he realized that Daryl has gone missing, and he was taught a valuable lesson by Negan and his gang who put a beating on him. Per usual, Eugene showcased that he is still as cowardly, and decided to familiarize himself with his new home, not realizing, all is not as it seems. It’s amazing, the guy who was so loyal to Negan is now being treated just like all the others.

However, Dwight took a massive beating from Negan and the crew and then had to dig deep to craft a plan to protect his wife Sherri from feeling Negan’s wrath. He began his hunt for Daryl and his wife Sherri. Unfortunately, I have the notion that no matter what Dwight does Negan still plans to take him out, with Sherri in tow or without her. I was certain that Jesus was the one who helped Daryl escape, so when it was revealed it was Sherri I was beyond baffled. Wow, that was a twist people.

Hmm, I’m slightly stunned by how nice Eugene is being treated by The Saviors, but that all changed when Negan had a conversation with the guy who placed a bullet in his beloved Lucille. Now I’m totally thrown, as it appears Negan is trying to rub his cravings for women off on Eugene and his torturous ways; I mean could all this be a ruse from Negan to make Eugene comfortable to take him out? I sense maybe, or he plans to utilize Eugene’s scientific and technical skills to led to an onslaught war against anyone who challenges his authority.

Negan decided teach those who betray him a valuable lesson: blood will be spilled. Eugene was rattled to the core. I mean watching Dwight weave that tale to Dr. Carson to set him up for Daryl’s disappearance and him causing Sherri to do bad things was crazy to watch. I totally get why he did it, but at the same time what will the downfall be?

Dwight was forced to watch as Dr. Carson was tossed in the flames and burned alive by Negan. A brutal death to say the least because even The Saviors were rattled by what just transpired. All because Dwight showed loyalty to his wife compared to the doctor, so blood is indeed thicker than water people.

Eugene created the pills for Frankie and Donovan who had been showcasing him ‘love’ during his time at his newest home, along with showcasing his scientific skills. The ladies planned to use those pills against Negan, but Eugene refused, which is probably a smart move if you ask me.

Finally, Eugene agreed that he is indeed a coward, words that Rosita and Abraham echoed more times than I can count. The final moments of the episode saw Negan pay Eugene a visit with Lucille in tow to have a bit of a ‘talk’ and became a member of the group without putting up a fight. Yep, he has molded well into becoming one of The Saviors unfortunately. Well the episode was interesting, it was slightly slow in my opinion, so I’m happy to see that Rick and Michonne will be the focus next week. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!