HOLLYWOOD—Last week fans of “The Walking Dead” were treated to an update on what has been going on with Daryl and the craziness inside ‘The Sanctuary’ courtesy of Negan and his minions. This week’s episode, ‘Service’ saw the audience receive an update on how Rick and the rest of the Alexandrians have responded to the aftermath of their brutal lost courtesy of Negan.

The level of normalcy was striking to say the least; I mean Rosita, Eugene and Spencer have moved on with their lives as if nothing has transpired. Well, that was until Negan made an unexpected visit to the Alexandria, where the fear reverberated through Rick’s body. The look Rosita gave Negan; if looks could kill people, he’d be dead! Too bad Negan didn’t come alone, as Rick and the crew got a glimpse of Daryl who looked like death. Man, this villain is a complete a**; I mean I cannot recall a villain that I literally hated this much as long as I’ve watched TV.

Rosita and Spencer found their weapons confiscated, as Dwight showcased that he can be a douche just as much as Negan in his request to retrieve Daryl’s bike. Well, well, it’s evident that members of Negan’s crew will soon find themselves knocked down a peg or two in the coming weeks. Michonne found herself having trouble shooting a walker dead, or she purposely did so to unleash a bit of frustration.

I mean Negan, Negan and his clan cleaned house taking everything they could take from the homes of the Alexandrians. Oh, yes, I love this TWIST! Rick and the clan have put on the show for Negan to think Maggie had died, but we all know that is not the case; she is very much alive and plotting a revenge that I hope will be so satisfying for the viewers.

Carl showed a bit of guts by pulling a gun on Negan and his pals while they took medical supplies. Rick, petrified for his son’s survival begged Carl to back down. Placing Rick in even dire straits is the fact that Negan confiscated ALL of the guns. Rick bit his tongue in ways he least expected, but Negan’s constant dictatorship boiled Rick’s emotions on the inside. Spencer appeared hopeless, yet Rosita was not ready to surrender to Negan’s tactics, as Rosita ran off into the woods.

Negan raised a fit when it became apparent that two weapons were missing, and Olivia was forced to face the music because Negan felt deceived. Rick was forced to deliver a riveting speech to the Alexandrians alerting them that he is no longer in control: Negan is. Tough pill to swallow people, tough pill indeed.

Rosita went on the attack to take out some walkers in hopes of gathering some weaponry to do battle with members of ‘The Sanctuary.’ Rick was able to retrieve two guns that were stashed underneath a wood panel, but Negan was still harping on ensuring his authority reverberated through the town. After menacing the town, Negan was ready to vacate, but Michonne created a bit of an issue: Negan knew she had a weapon.

Rick broke down begging Michonne to prevent the loss of any more lives, and the conversation turned to rescuing Daryl. Unfortunately, Daryl wasn’t willing to argue his case, and Negan made more threats about lives being lost, just as Dwight poked fun at Rosita and taunted Daryl while riding his motorcycle.

Makes perfect sense; Negan steals weapons so that people can be dependent on him for survival. For a second, I thought Rick was about to utilize ‘Lucille’ to bash in Negan’s head. This show can make a fan super frustrated not seeing movement in favor of the protagonists. Spencer was not happy to hear that Rick went into his home to steal weapons, and also discovered food and other hidden items. It led to Spencer spewing a bit of truth, which caused Rick to snap and make threats. Yeah, Spencer, bad call talking about the deaths of Abraham and Glenn. You don’t kick a guy when he’s down and out. Rosita was livid when she learned that Spencer held onto guns. Hmm, could we see a blossoming relationship between Rosita and Spencer?

We shall see, just as she retrieved that gun from underneath the car. Well, one gun is better than none. Michonne begged Rick to partake in a revolt, but it looks like fear has shaken our leader to the core. Rick accepted full responsibility for the deaths of his cohorts, but Michonne wanted her lover to not hold things so close to his chest. Well, a surprise was definitely delivered when Rick revealed that Judith is NOT his daughter people. Yes, that did just happen and it left me stunned, shocked and a loss for words. Final moments of the episode witnessed Eugene getting a visit from Rosita asking him to make her a bullet.

Next week looks great, because fans will get an update on Maggie’s health and we’ll get a visit to ‘The Hilltop.’ Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!