HOLLYWOOD—Finally, “The Walking Dead” is back! The latest episode ‘Spend’ might have been one of the most emotionally draining episodes on the series in quite some time. What everyone has been talking about is the death of Noah (Tyler James Williams) whose death was horrific, graphic and painful to watch in general. More on that later.

The episode opened with Father Gabriel who was grappling with some inner demons that were eating away at him. In a fury, he ripped page after page from the Bible. This would be important as he would drop a bomb on Deanna towards the end of the episode. Noah was seeing the light in the midst of darkness as he looked forward to building things. A road trip was in the works that looked to be nothing out of the ordinary, but it soon turned into a fight for survival for Tara, Glenn, Noah, Eugene, Nikolas and Aiden.

Rick continued to bond with Jessie after learning her owl was destroyed, surprise, it was damaged by her son Sam. This is an important development because it sheds a bit of light on Sam’s obsession with Carol and her cookies. Eugene was in panic mode realizing that at some point he would have to gain a level of courage to survive this pandemic. Inside a storage warehouse, Aiden made a bonehead move and fired gunshots at a walker who was equipped with grenades.

That explosion resulted in Tara suffering head trauma and Aiden being impaled by several metal rods. So what transpired? Eugene stepped up to the plate to rescue Tara, while Noah and Glenn attempted to rescue Aiden, but Nikolas backed out; that resulted in the vicious death of Deanna’s son.

When Sam showed up at her doorstep, Carol did her best to whoosh him away, but he didn’t budge. He went to get chocolate so her infamous cookies could be made. She wasn’t privy to conversing, but started to converse when Sam asked her for a gun. She put two-and-two together and realized that Sam’s father Pete was beating up Sam and Jessie. That did not bode well with Carol who paid Pete a visit to find out what was going on.

Abraham showed his tenacity for leadership when he took on a troupe of walkers on a construction site, while others fled he stayed and fought to rescue one of his own. In perhaps the most riveting moment of the episode, Glenn, Nikolas and Noah found themselves trapped in a revolving door with walkers everywhere. Eugene came to the rescue of Glenn, Noah and Nikolas, but being the coward that he is, Nikolas left Glenn and Noah in a dire situation, where Noah was viciously killed by walkers who tore him apart. It was emotionally punishing to say the least, not just for the audience, but also Glenn.

When Nikolas tried to push Eugene around he stood his ground to little success, but thankfully, Glenn intervened to put a beating on Nikolas for his actions. I honestly would have fed that guy to the rest of the walkers. In the shocker of the night, Father Gabriel paid a visit to Deanna to inform her that Rick and the rest of his people should not be trusted. Little did Father Gabriel know that Maggie heard it all from a distance as she creep up the stairs from the basement.

Something bad is about to happen to our protagonists with only two episodes left before season five wraps. Will Maggie confront Father Gabriel, what will Deanna do when she learns Aiden has died, and will Rick confront Pete? I expect more deaths, and I fear it will be some big ones. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!