Twin Trees Planted In Honor Of Icons


SAN FRANCISCO—Twins Marian and Vivian Brown, celebrity characters of San Francisco known for their snazzy matching outfits and numerous media appearances, have had a pair of twin trees planted in their honor.

The trees, planted South of St. Francis Circle, memorialize the duo known as being one of the city’s best local characters.

Twin sisters Vivian and Marian Brown became San Francisco local legends.

Vivian, who died in 2013 at 85, had her memorial cedar tree planted shortly after her passing.

Marian, who attended the planting of Vivian’s tree, died last November and had her very own cedar tree planted by dignitaries, and eventually, city gardeners on March 11.

Unlike the Brown twins, the trees are not completely indistinguishable at this juncture. Exposure to the elements has worn-down Vivian’s tree. The city has planted three Cypress trees in front of the twin trees in an attempt to shield them from wind damage.

It is hoped that within a few years, the trees will be as indistinguishable as their human counterparts.