HOLLYWOOD─The second half of season 10 of “The Walking Dead” has been fantastic in my opinion. It has been so great that I totally forgot this week was the penultimate episode of the season, ‘The Tower,” well it least it was supposed to be, but it’s the semi-finale people! SPOILER ALERT if you have not watched the episode stop reading right now! Last week was fun, but this week was setting the stage for an epic battle. I was under the guise that Alpha would be working to take down our heroes, but no, it is Beta people and he’s damn angry.

Picking up where last week left off, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Eugene came face-to-face with the eccentric Princess, purple and pink hair and all. This is indeed a fun character, we have yet to see on the show and I was loving it. Her use of that machine gun was epic. Beta brought his walker horde to Alexandria, but luckily our heroes had already moved to higher elevation in a building. Daryl was still out on his feet, just as Carol was about to run an errand.

The Whisperers just got outsmarted, and it looked like Beta was not happy. Thankfully, Aaron and Alden were hiding out in the windmill taking in information as they planned to alert the others of the impending danger headed their way. Judith wanted to be mentored by Daryl, who was hesitant at first, but he’s a softie at heart and allowed the little one to become his protégé.

Beta was indeed getting frustrated that his group had been hoodwinked. Princess helped Ezekiel, Yumiko and Eugene find a new mode of transportation after their horses ran off. She brought the group into a mine field, and they started to panic. Carol did her best to make an amends with Kelly about her role in causing Connie to be trapped in that cave. In addition, Connie held no hard feelings about the situation.

Negan did his best to make an amends with Lydia after he held her captive inside a cabin. How brutal was it for Negan to have that conversation with Lydia, the daughter of Alpha, the woman whose throat he slit? Yeah, awkward is indeed an understatement people! Princess tried to recall the mine maze, but her memory just wasn’t being jogged, as Ezekiel stepped up to assist the eccentric one. Princess was caught red-handed and it became clear that questions arose rather she could be trusted.

It became clear she just wanted to be in the company of other people; she’s lonely and it is quite sad to say the least. Eugene felt compassion for Princess, in plight of his past transgressions. Daryl and Judith stumbled upon some walkers, but in the process delivered an arrow to a Whisperer, who was unable to keep running. Daryl learned that the horde was heading to Oceanside, and that Beta was out for blood. Judith was left shocked when she witnessed Daryl kill that Whisperer. He tried to school the young one who was a bit too compassionate. Aaron and Alden panicked when they realized the horde was switching directions, but could not escape when they were cornered by Whisperers.

Lydia unleashed a bit of rage and emotion on Negan and it was some fantastic acting to watch people. Tender, raw and just powerful stuff; dare I say Negan sees Lydia as a daughter figure. Princess delivered on her promise to locate wheels for the trio, they may have been bicycles. Yumiko extended an offer for Princess to join them on their journey and she was ecstatic to say the least. Judith was still bothered by Daryl leaving that Whisperer in a ditch, just as he learned that Michonne was off looking for Rick. Man this episode, is totally giving me the tears. Seeing Daryl share that tender moment with Judith was everything.

Gabriel alerted Daryl that he was in major danger, just as Beta and his horde arrived at the hospital building where our heroes were hiding out. Whoa, so are we finally about to see the story unfold with Jadis and what happened to Rick? Yes, it certainly looks like it people.

I cannot believe “The Walking Dead” is doing this to us? We get teased an epic season finale, but we have NO IDEA when it will air, except sometime later this year. Come on, you cannot do this to us. So I feel like this is the end of season 6 all over again, were audiences were forced to wait months, and I mean months as to how this epic battle will end, and who will be left standing as a result.