HOLLYWOOD—Well there are new faces people, as noted in the latest episode of “The Walking Dead.” This week’s episode, ‘Warlords’ witnessed Lydia taking a journey that absolutely scared me as the episode kicked off. I was happy to see Elijah join her, but it still worried me. Could we see one of these characters taken out? Before Elijah and Lydia could trek on their journey, they stumbled across a stranger on a horse that was severely injured. However, before he could spill as to who caused his injury he died, but NOT before handing over a bloody map or books of sorts to Lydia.

Maggie was NOT willing to take a risk considering that a potential trap could be in the works. Elijah and Lydia were ready to help, but Maggie soon joined them even though she was hesitant. Lydia posed the question we all want the answer to: why is Maggie not willing to take help from the Commonwealth? Well she thinks they can survive without them. Lydia was tired of just getting by, just as the conversation was getting good. Maggie, Elijah and Lydia stumbled upon 3 troopers of the Commonwealth who had turned into walkers. Yeah, there is MORE going on here than we expect, as Aaron soon joined the party.

So we get a flashback to one week ago, which saw Aaron attend one of the church services at the Commonwealth held by Father Gabriel. Aaron shared a bit of information to Gabriel about the Commonwealth’s new plans to bring in new people to the community; a group of people who are NOT as friendly as Aaron suspects. Gabriel made it clear he was NOT pleased with the plan Toby proposed because he did not want to risk his life as result.

So Aaron, Jesse, Gabriel and that egotistical Toby who fails to listen to reason came face-to-face with a woman who demanded their weapons, as she carried a large scythe. I’m still trying to figure out the name of these people. We would get the answer, but a bit later in the episode. Just when I thought the bald woman was the leader, we come face-to-face with the man in charge, Ian who received pictures from Aaron depicting the Commonwealth community. When the leader asked about the location of the Commonwealth, he was met with silence by Toby, and a major threat was issued when a bevy of skeletal heads were shown to our protagonists. Toby found a gun pointed to his head, which prompted Aaron to make a move to diffuse the threat.

So it is evident that Jesse was the person that Lydia and Elijah encountered on that horse, bloodied. However, Toby made a move that is about to unleash war between the Commonwealth and the Warlords.

In another flashback, Lance had a conversation with Toby which explains his reasoning for invading this apartment complex. Lance you are purposely setting these people up for failure? It sure sounds like that: Aaron and Gabriel are threats to you somehow. Toby is a piece of work and it resulted in Gabriel striking Toby who was going a bit too far and fatally shot the Warlord, just as Gabriel was arrested. Aaron was NOT PLEASED to say the least. As Jesse was fleeing he was shot, but not before Aaron tackled a Stormtrooper and was ready to go to battle with Toby. I guess the good news is the fact that, Gabriel and Aaron escaped.

Ok, it all makes sense now. Aaron running into Elijah, Lydia and Maggie, where we got another flashback, now this is interesting: Negan is back in the mix, and with a mysterious stranger by his side. So it was Negan who gave Jesse the information to alert Maggie that Aaron and Gabriel were in danger. Well, as expected, Negan and his sidekick rescued Gabriel. Toby was ready to prove a point and kicked two people off the roof to prove a point, and continued to kill to show his prowess.

This is a damn good episode, as Toby was ready to unleash bloodshed. Ian was the name of the leader people, but it looks like a new leader has emerged, as Negan seems to be poised to cause more bloodshed, just as Maggie, Lydia, Elijah and Aaron arrived to do battle. Like I thought, the Commonwealth is bad news, and them eliminating the Warlords community for no reason proves it. Lance is the big bad!  I wonder how Pamela will react to this melee? Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!