HOLLYWOOD—This could’ve been deemed one of the saddest episodes in “The Walking Dead” history. ‘Them’ was more a tale of coping with grief and hopelessness than anything, but a surprise did emerge at the end of the episode.

In its opening, we see Maggie barely able to keep herself composed, when a walker emerges behind her. She knows its there, but it’s the least of her worries. Realizing that if she doesn’t take action, she’ll be dead, she stabs the zombie in the face. Daryl, Maggie and Sasha were on the hunt for water, but found nothing during their quest. Rick did his best to be the fearless leader, but it was apparent, the group’s morality hit an all-time low. Throughout the episode, Daryl found himself venturing away from the group. Beth’s death hit him hard; Tyrese’s death was even harder. This is a man that shows very little emotion and it was apparent that it was eating him away inside. Carol did her best to empathize with her friend, letting him know its ok to shed a tear.

Father Gabriel tried to get Maggie to open up to him, but she was not interested in conversing with a man, who allowed his congregation to perish to save himself. Watching that scene as the gang slowly walked as a troupe of walkers haunted them just a few feet back, just reiterated these survivors have taken all the beatings they can take.

Sasha became a bit of a thorn in Michionne’s eyes because her desire to unleash her rage created a few problems as a bloodbath emerged with walkers. The goal was for the survivors to conserve as much energy as possible. She was also a savior taking out several dogs that were ready to pounce on our heroes. Those dogs became dinner that was well needed.

After weeks of showing no emotion, Daryl finally let out his grief, just as he spotted a barn and water for the group.  They took shelter in the barn, as a wicked storm made its presence known. Rick once again attempted to rile up his soldiers, unaware that most of them have very little fight left inside of them.

As the storm intensified, Daryl decided to go check on the doors and found a massive heaping of walkers headed towards him. He ran to the door to prevent the walkers from getting inside. The commotion woke Maggie, then Sasha and then the entire crew, including Carl were doing all they could to prevent the walkers from getting inside. So did they succeed? In the morning, Maggie awoke to see Daryl keeping guard, who hasn’t slept in what it looks like days. She assured him to get some rest, as she headed outside. Sasha soon followed her and the two saw something out of a horror scene with walkers impaled or toppled by large trees. Its amazing the barn is still in one piece. Before the episode concluded, the ladies were startled by a new face, Aaron, who acknowledged himself as a friend. He wanted to speak with Rick, as he had good news.

Hmmm, how does this guy know Rick? We all know in “The Walking Dead” world, a new face is always considered a threat. So just what does Aaron know that the others don’t? Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!