HOLLYWOOD—I cannot recall the last time a soap opera had a character who was so deliciously evil, but had a charm to her that makes the audience despise her more. I’m referring to Claire Brady on “Days of Our Lives.” This little vixen will lie, cheat, steal, deceive, set fires, you name it; she’ll do it to get her way. She snitched to Eve about Haley that caused her to be arrested and notified she has 30 days before she’ll be booted out the country.

Cue J.J. to the rescue to hire Justin’s services to help his new love. Haley wants to trust J.J., but she can’t get over the fact that he betrayed her trust. So she turned to Tripp, who was ready to jump at the idea to help Haley out. Unfortunately J.J. was not willing to take no for an answer, and he had valid points on all fronts. Claire was livid when Tripp explained his plan; you look guilty, and the more you fight it, the worse it looks.

Haley has guys fawning for her and I love it because it’s a direct dagger to Claire who thought she had the upper hand on the situation. She has been really sloppy and this week a crucial piece of evidence came out that will indeed be her undoing in the coming weeks. Claire decided to manipulate once again by getting a taped confession of Tripp admitting his marriage to Haley is a sham. However, she never expected J.J. to go digging at the cabin and what he found will change everything. He found Claire’s lighter and he had some tough questions for his cousin.

Claire your dirty little secret about the cabin fire is about to come to light and I cannot WAIT to see this explode in your face. It is the moment I’ve been waiting months for. I mean can you imagine the looks on Ciara, Ben and Tripp’s faces when they learn the truth? It is going to be epic TV people. Speaking of Ciara and Ben, they are getting comfy, especially after Ben saved her life yet again this week and got injured in the process.

We have a new Stefan O. DiMera, whose previous portrayer was Tyler Christopher. Christopher has vacated the role and it is now being portrayed by Brandon Barash. Yup, he’s the guy who played a villain on “General Hospital.” I though the transition would be harder than you think, but Barash managed to insulate himself into the role and he’s selling it fully. I mean we saw him exhibit rave after learning that Brady screwed him over on a business deal base on inaccurate information the Leo gave him.

Oh, and that how notion that Leo is John’s son; well, it’s not quite true people. So Diana really is back in Salem only to get her claws back into John Black. And your attempt on Marlena’s life failed. I mean we’ve already seen this woman die almost twice in the past year. A hope the writers do not take this route again, as its getting slightly old if you ask me. John busted Diana in the flesh as she attempted to reclaim evidence that Hope had involving the murder attempt on Marlena’s life. Diana was busted and could do nothing, but confess the truth to her former flame.

With jail time certain, Diana dropped another bomb on John and Leo, which changes things yet again. Leo is NOT John’s son! Both were blown away by the admission, but it was Leo who took the news hard, so much so that he lunged at his mother in a fiery rage. Have to say I feel sorry for Leo, his mother’s antics have majorly impacted her son’s life and his choices.

The DiMera mansion saw bullets courtesy of Mateo’s man wanting to take out Chloe. Jeez, this woman has Stefan in her orbit and Brady, who she shared a steamy kiss with. I will be honest I like the notion of a potential pairing with Gabi and Brady. They seem to have good chemistry and with Nicole not an option, and Chloe possibly smitten by Stefan, ‘Gady’ looks like a perfect item.

Too bad Gabi and Stefan shared a steamy kiss. So Stefan is chasing after two women, and Chloe has two men chasing after her, while Brady is up to his old antics yet again this time blackmailing his brother to get his way with Chloe. Brady, why are you constantly resorting to blackmail to get your way? Have not learned from any of your previous deeds that blew up in your face every single day?