HELLO AMERICA—There is so much drama going on in nearly every corner of our nation, it is impossible to concentrate on favorites such as, “The Young and the Restless” or “The Bold and the Beautiful” these days. When receiving a call informing me that First Lady, Melania Trump, was seeking a legal move for an open marriage status, living separately in the White House and eventually moving back to New York, it was no surprise.  Most women would have done it a long time ago but in reality, one can understand why she has decided to finally make a move in that direction now.

When I read or hear about all the sexual games being revealed currently, it’s quite funny because ever since the existence of politics, filmdom or much of the public media, it has always been the same. Men and women when thrown together generally end up in a bedroom, releasing their pent-up frustrations of the moment. When first working in the Script Department at CBS during the early 50s, there would always release their pent-up frustrations during lunch break or after a grueling rehearsal in one of the empty studios, restrooms or an empty room in the studio. I walked in on quite a few, but said nothing because it wasn’t unusual. It was all considered a part of where we were; people acted as if it was natural to who and where we were. Simple as that.

When major iconic star Bette Davis took me to Richard Zanack’s office, insisting he take me on in the 20th Century Fox Public Relations Department, I very quickly discovered the same sex games played there. When discussing it with Miss Davis, she laughed and said, “Daw-ling! You should talk with your friend, Mary Pickford, she’ll tell ya’ things that would keep your doors locks for days!”

I quickly got acclimated to the world I moved into after graduating from U.S.C. where many of my classmates ended up on many of the film studios staffs in Hollywood.

The experience of auditioning for a major musical at one of the studios, I entered the producer’s office, the front of his desk was open, I could see very clearly that he was sitting there wearing nothing, but his shorts. I was shocked! There was a silence between us for a few moments when suddenly he smiled and asked, “What would you do to get a role in my picture?”

I replied, I know the only role you might consider me for and it’s definitely not big enough or that important.  However, I appreciate your considering me, hopefully, under better circumstances.”  Then smiled, reached to shake the producer’s hand and made a quiet exit.

When outside of the producer’s office, his secretary anxiously inquired, “How did you do!” I smiled and said, “Ok, really but the part wasn’t big enough, if you know what I mean!”  She roared with laughter.