HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended on a major cliffhanger with Wyatt slapping his mother and cracking a bottle over his father’s head. This week’s episode, ‘In His Eyes’ saw the culmination of that battle with Wyatt wanting to kill his father, and Jim egging him on. It’s hard to fathom Wyatt being so violent at his parents and Jim gloating on his troubled son. However, for once I’m actually on Jim’s side here.

The catfight between Melissa and Veronica ended with the Ice Queen tossing her supposedly pregnant soon-to-be daughter-in-law out on the street. Benny, Benny, you made a horrid mistake by hooking up with Melissa and betraying Veronica who uses leverage and information as a weapon for demise. Things are indeed about to get interesting to say the least. Derrick and Hanna continued to their date with a little music and dancing. I’m all for romance, but a 15-minute scene involving Hanna and Derrick dancing around their relationship left me wanting more.

Jeffery seemed to be unraveled hearing a tale from another inmate, Leslie about how an officer was a bit ‘too friendly’ with him. Hmm, all signs seems to point to Officer Justin if you ask me, and Jeffery didn’t seem too pleased to hear what his boy toy has been up to. Candace was busying implementing her latest plan, as her protégé Gia was impressed with Candace ‘taking out’ Oscar for the night. Little did Candace know that she may have gone a bit too far with Oscar as he was not responsive.

Katheryn and Jim were left reeling discovering that Wyatt has been so violent towards them. At long last, Katheryn and Jim discuss the priest who molested Wyatt as being the source of his anger issues. Like a married couple, the duo squabbled about Jim making himself too comfortable at Katheryn’s new abode. Derrick was a bit aggressive for a first date; however, Benny interrupted the conversation by arriving home with Melissa in tow. Hanna being the good Christian listened to Melissa’s tale, and dug deep for the story. She discovered that Melissa is connected to Veronica and that she is supposed to be Jeffery’s soon-to-be wife. Benny was not pleased that she forced Benny to take care of the problem he decided to drag to the home. It was funny to watch Benny confess to his mother that he was messing around with Melissa and Veronica at the same time.

David was woken from his sleep by a phone call regarding Jeffery getting bail. Erica and David had a heart-to-heart where they shared their feelings with one another. I really thought Erica was in on the con with David, but something tells me she is actually falling for this guy. David made it crystal clear to Erica that he has no intention of getting back together with Veronica. Justin returned to reveal to Jeffery that he was free to go, but Jeffery was not pleased that his boy toy might be playing a bit of game to make him jealous.

Justin likes to play with fire, and it might result in him getting burned if he is not careful. He’s an officer, but there are people in his orbit with a lot more power than him, Veronica Harrington being one of them. The final moments of the episode saw Rocky working with Leslie, the same guy that Justin was toying with. Now, this is about to be a ton of fun to say the least. Wyatt, when the hell will you learn? He returned to that bar looking to get his hands on more cocaine, but even the drug dealer wasn’t willing to help Wyatt out.

This is not going to end well, why? Wyatt is about to lose all that money that he has as a direct result of Candace and her antics. The final moments saw Candace go into panic mode realizing that Oscar was in bad shape. Dare I say she may have killed him? Next week looks twisted, because Veronica is out for blood and she has Benny in her crosshairs. This is scary because Veronica is ruthless, but this can be epic drama as we witness Veronica go toe-to-toe with someone not afraid of her antics: Hanna! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!