UNITED STATES—By now, I’m certain most of you have heard about Ethan Couch who was behind the wheel drunk when he collided with another vehicle resulting in the death of four people. When I first heard the story I was astonished, to make matters worse was to discover that courts placed the teen on probation for 10 years for killing 4 people; that is just absolutely ludicrous. What judge in their right mind would believe this kid’s attorney who weaved a tale that Ethan suffered from what was deemed ‘affluenza.’

Yeah, when I heard that I was thinking of a physical illness, but no. The defense attorney argued that Ethan didn’t know right from wrong because of the wealth that his parents exuded onto him. In simple terms, he was spoiled so much he had no idea between distinguishing right from wrong. I think all of America was in uproar with the verdict, I mean FOUR PEOPLE are dead because of the action of this teen. These families have been ripped apart and will never be the same again because of the actions of this teen who has NO REMORSE for the crime that he has committed.

The first thing you learn in driving school is to NEVER get behind the wheel drunk. There is no excuse whatsoever for driving drunk. To make matters worse, Ethan Couch wasn’t legal to drink to begin with. He was 16; the legal drinking age is 21. So where the hell were his parents, his friends during this time frame? They knew the kid was drunk.

I mean when news surfaced in the past 2 weeks of a video of the teen at a party where alcohol was present, it became apparent Ethan and his mother, knew they were in BIG TROUBLE. So much to the point that the mother decided to swoosh her son out of the country to Mexico to prevent him from facing the music; i.e. punishment for a crime he committed over 2 years ago.

I think most of America was upset when they discovered the mother was once again teaching her son that if you have money you can escape the law, you can do bad things and get away with it. Hmm, not so! I tell this to people all the time, what is done in the dark eventually comes to light. Ethan and his mom didn’t expect to be caught, but a phone call to order a pizza at Dominos sealed the fate of the mother-and son duo. Now, both have been extradited back to the United States and it looks like Ethan might be in violation of his probation and might face some jail time.

Without a doubt, I’m being blunt, and I mean seriously blunt, this kid needs some prison time. It’s apparent he has no remorse for the crime he committed, I even question if he has even thought about the four people he killed when he decided to drive drunk. I wonder if this kid has an ounce of remorse in his blood. Probation without a doubt is not a suitable punishment like killing four people behind the wheel.

This makes me pissed to know we have judges on the stand who is willing to look beyond punishment when money comes into the mix. I seriously would knock the **** out of that judge if I came face-to-face with them. They make all those attorneys and those in the legal system look bad. To even entertain and listen to such a foolish argument of why Ethan Couch shouldn’t be punished for a heinous crime shows this judge should have never received a seat on the stand. I’d love to see this judge attempt to justify their decision; at this point it doesn’t matter the legal system has already been tarnished by you so vamoose, disappear, let it be known you made an dastardly and utterly stupid ruling.

While the verdict is still out on precisely what punishment the teen could face, I’m certain he is indeed about to face the music. What makes me happy is to learn that his mother will also be punished for partaking in such despicable behavior. I mean with parents like that, it explains why Ethan has turned out the way he has. However, that does not excuse the behavior. At an early age you learn the difference between right and wrong.

Now God forbid a 3-year-old gets behind the wheel and fatally strikes someone, but I don’t see that happening. Ethan knew what he was doing when he made that fatal decision, I’m happy to learn that finally these families who were robbed justice are about to see the kid responsible for the death of their loved one learn that when you do bad things there are indeed consequences. Sorry, using wealth as an excuse has left me flabbergasted; let this be a lesson to other judges, don’t entertain STUPIDITY people, it makes the legal system look like a joke.