HOLLYWOOD—OMG, for the first time in ions it looks like Wyatt Fuller is about to do something that he should have done a very long time ago: stand up to his father Bill Spencer on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Wyatt overheard Bill and Justin talking about his role in making Liam think Steffy is still involved with him. Yes, Wyatt you were a pawn in Bill’s game, and to see you nearly close your lips to drive your father’s classic car almost made me vomit a bit. However, the puppet grew a conscience for once, and decided he couldn’t conceal the truth from his brother.

Wyatt was facing a tough decision, not just from Bill, but from Katie of all people. Now this is the woman who is notorious for wanting to blurt out everyone else’s secret, yet because her niece might marry the man of her dreams she wants everyone to keep quiet; I was floored. Wyatt took Katie’s advice, but he made a move that could blow up a ton of worlds during Liam and Hope’s nuptials this week.

Yes, the writers at “B&B” wasted NO time in moving forward this quickie wedding that proved to be a wedding on the soap that had a ton of twists and turns along the way. I was frustrated to the core suspecting that Wyatt was just going to allow his father to continue to twist his arms by giving him lavish gifts, as he brother Liam SHOWED actual hesitation about making the move with Hope out of some lingering feeling that Steffy and Bill might not actual be an item as he suspects.

Ridge continued to badger Liam about the mistake he was making, just as Taylor and Brooke went to war over their respective daughter’s future. The madness was only heightened by Bill Spencer (of all people) continuing to plead his love to Steffy who was irked incessantly by her father-in-law’s presence. This guy just can’t catch a clue: STEFFY DOES NOT WANT TO BE WITH YOU! Let the woman be already, I mean she is pregnant. Making the situation worse is the fact that the audience knows Bill has one more trick up his sleeve: Taylor being culpable in his shooting. Only Taylor, Bill and Steffy know the little secret, but I know for certain Bill will play this trump card if need be to get what he wants.

My biggest concern is I don’t think Bill Spencer will ever pay for his crimes. I mean will somebody, anybody blurt out the fact that Bill was responsible for torching Spectra Fashions? That is an easy way to force him to face the music and back down from his treacherous actions. I’m baffled at how in the hell Steffy hasn’t endured a miscarriage with all the stress that has been thrown her way in the past few weeks.

It’s enough to give someone who isn’t pregnant and breakdown, however, the more time Liam spends with Steffy and the baby; it certainly seems to bond them more. As a viewer, I’m conflicted to the core. I feel Liam and Hope are destined, but at the same time it seems that I’m starting to want to see Steffy and Liam back together. I mean Steffy wants to name their daughter after Liam’s mother. How in the hell doesn’t that melt your heart America?

I can see this meddling by both Brooke and Ridge to cause far more ripples in their marriage than either of them ever imagined. Ridge is bullheaded and Brooke is no pushover; both want what is best for their daughters and they seem to be fighting tooth and nail to ensure that happens. So with Wyatt finally stepping up and making a move that he should have made far sooner, a wedding has been left in limbo and a relationship already on the rocks might have ‘Hope’ get it?!

The biggest concern as I pointed out before is we’re going down that same slope of this never-ending love triangle between Liam, Steffy and Hope and I’m sorry, but as a viewer it’s pure boredom. C’mon “Bold and Beautiful” writers, I know you have something else wicked in store for fans of the soap, how about you unleash that cat from the bag now shock the audience. I mean we’ve seen this happen with the sudden arrival of Sheila Carter? Speaking of that woman, where the hell is she?