HOLLYWOOD—Axl Rose is a real trooper. The frontman for Guns N’ Roses is going on with with his “Not In This Lifetime,” tour. On November 25, he came out on stage and informed the audience that “They ‘ve got me on IVs and a bunch of injections, cause I got sick today, I’ve been throwing up for about the last five hours,” Rose, 56, explained to the crowd in Abu Dhabi at the beginning of the concert.

“So, instead of canceling, I’m gonna do the best show we can for you.” According to published reports, he managed to last for 20 songs. His bandmates, were so impressed with his efforts, they tweeted and took pictures on Instagram.

Bassist Duff McKagan called Rose’s performance “a damm miracle.” Guitarist Slash, confirmed in a tweet that “Axl was severely ill, but you all were hugely supportive. Thanks for that. We’ll see (you) again next time! Cheers! Two years ago, Rose broke his foot as the band was warming up for its reunion road trip, putting the whole venture in jeopardy.

He stepped up to the plate. You may recall back in the day, Guns N’ Rose’s front man Axl Rose used to cancel a show, times have changed and now he truly cares about his audiences. The group is winding down its multi-year “Not in This Lifetime” semi-reunion tour (featuring founding members Rose, Slash and McKagan), which began with a brace of warm-up dates in April 2016 and has two dates remaining on the tour, in South Africa and a final-for now, date in Hawaii on December 8.

Guns N ‘Roses manager Fernando LeBeis has confirmed that despite Axl Rose’s illness forcing GNR to end their show in Abu Dhabi early, the band will continue their final leg of the tour. The tour will end in Honolulu, Hawaii next month after two and a half years. Hopefully, new tour dates for 2019. Lebeis also ripped fans and some Abu Dhabi media outlets for criticizing Rose for having to end the show early, despite Slash and Duff McKagan describing has being “beyond and severely” ill.

Lebeis tweeted, “Landed in Johannesburg, what a crazy 12 hrs. It’s strange to think a 2-hour set is considered a “short” set. Love the people we have sharing the stage, coming up to help and protect one of their own.” Some media outlets, did give credit to Axl, he explained mid-set that he had been vomiting for much of the afternoon, and spent several hours on a drip prior to the gig so as not to cancel, which is commendable; certainly a world away from the former diva-ish behavior that used to characterize his several-hours-late-appearances.

If the singer was ill, then respect is due for his appearance at all, but perhaps the band could have factored this into their set list. They played as much as Rose could get through of the set list from the previous gigs on the tour, in much the same order, stopping when Rose had enough. In fairness, the band played for close to two hours, which lesser bands would never achieve, especially with a sick front man singer, but there was no encore, and thus Paradise City, no Night Train, No Live and Let Die (a rare occasion where a cover improves on the original). In short, the gig began well with a bang, yet ended, quite simple, with Axl leaving the stage. He truly is a legendary performer.

Another performer that is a trooper and is working on a new album which will be his fifth and first in three years is Mark Ronson. Ronson who recently produced albums for Lady Gaga and Queens of the Stone Age – says the songs have come together with the help of kindred spirits. The 43-year-old producer and DJ has just gone through a divorce from French model and actress Josephine de La Baume and says it’s given him a different approach to his own music, putting lyrics and emotion ahead of the beats.

Ronson introduced the new tracks, which feature vocal performances from Miley Cyrus, Swedish pop star Lykke Li and newcomer Arkansas singer-songwriter Yebba, as a series of “sad bangers” – heavy on emotion, but equally serious about filling dance floors. The lead taster track is the futuristic country-tinged Nothing Breaks Like A Heart featuring Cyrus – whose most recent album “Younger Now” saw her reclaim her folksy Tennessee roots which preceded her current status as a pop superstar.

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