HOLLYWOOD—Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese soccer player is acclaimed as one of the greatest players of his generation in this line of sports. A journalist asks Ronaldo: “Why does your mother still live with you? Why don’t you build her a house?” Cristiano Ronaldo replies: “My mother raised me and she dedicated her life for me. She would go to sleep hungry, just to let me eat. We had no money at all. She worked 7 days a week and nights as a maid to buy my first shoes so I could be a player. All my success is dedicated to her and because of her and as long as she has a life, she will always be by my side, she has everything I can give. She is my refuge and my greatest gift.”

Something that we should emulate his love and devotion to his mom. Ronaldo, the former Manchester United Star, 39, was in the house as boxing’s biggest fight in over 20 years came to his backyard. Ronaldo rocked up in his stunning blue $400,000 Ferrari Purosangue, with his son Cristiano Jr., 13, on May 18, 2024. Ronaldo has been in Saudi Arabia since December 2022, having left Old Trafford the previous month.

The veteran, who seems to be a close friend of Tyson Fury attended Fury’s victory over Francis Ngannou last October. He took his place ringside for the Gypsy King’s latest bout. He strolled into the VIP entrance grinning since he has a very cute smile, asked for a prediction, he said: “I don’t know…50-50.”

As he entered the gangway leading to the ring, Ronaldo was spotted by frenzied fans who love him dearly. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner, who has been jeered at several Saudi Pro League matches this season, seemed to be unmoved some fans have directed “Messi” chants at the forward, in a nod to Ronaldo’s great rival. In fact, if you really know him, you know they are good friends, so why would he be angry? Ronaldo who showed up at the match in a cream jacket and Gucci shorts combo, set the CR7 back about $4,000.

He actually completed his ensemble with a dazzling $1.2 million diamond encrusted-watch. The bling bling watch, which is finished with 424 glistening white diamonds, sparkled on Ronaldo’s wrist as he took in the action, with the cameraman usually showing his face numerous times ringside. As he found his seat, Ronaldo shook hands with former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

He then exchanged pleasantries with Turki Alaishikh, the man behind bringing the recent glut of mega-fights to Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo took his seat between Joshua and Turki, asking the former champ: “How are you big man?” For those that saw the boxing match, Oleksandr Usyk almost knocked down Tyson Fury in the ninth round, however he managed to keep up and the bell rang shortly after. It was a split-decision, however, Usyk was deemed the winner of the match. Until the rematch, which is scheduled for October, it surely will be interesting to watch

With that being said, Forbes has released its annual list of the highest-paid athletes, with Cristiano Ronaldo topping the charts. The Portuguese superstar, currently playing for Al-Nassr, earns a staggering $199 million per year, making him the highest earner in the world of football or as us Americans know as soccer. Not far behind is Lionel Messi, who ranks third on the list. Despite his move to MLS club Inter Miami, Messi still commands on impressive $135 million annually, largely from endorsements and sponsorships.

In the world of soccer, if you are on top, it pays very well. Just look at Kylian Mbappe, who is set to join Real Madrid soon, is sixth in the rankings of top earnings with $110 million. Neymar, who is now playing for Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia, follows closely behind, bringing in $108 million a year.

Rose’s Scoop: Cristiano’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $500 million to $600 million, making him one of the wealthiest athletes on the planet.  Some say, he actually surpasses $1 billion in career earnings. The bulk of his earnings comes from his contracts, as well as endorsements.