UNITED STATES—I’m frustrated with the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election and for good reason. I seriously cannot recall the last time so much BUZZ has been in the air about people voting. Don’t get me wrong because it’s an amazing thing. So many people have fallen into that trap of not voting because they suspect their vote won’t count, it doesn’t matter and a bunch of other excuses. Trust me: your vote does indeed count and so many generations before you fought valiantly to have the right to cast a ballot and to not vote is a slap to their face.

When it comes to a debate I expect to hear about issues, yes issues. I could care less about someone’s appearance or how they quote on quote ‘act.’ I mean watching both the Republican candidates and Democratic candidates trade spars about one another is simply destroying the entire notion of what a debate is intended to do. A debate is aimed to inform the public about issues, to give a clear indicator where an individual stands regarding a particular issue or topic at hand.

I’ve never seen so many adults act like children on the national level. What the hell kind of message are we sending to the younger generation about appropriate behavior in the public sphere? It’s a bad one, and I’m hoping some of the candidates realize sooner than later that their antics are leaving a bad taste in the mouth of most Americans, especially for those undecided voters who aren’t certain who to cast their ballot for.

I haven’t really witnessed an in depth debate where issues pertaining to job security, job opportunities, education, Social Security, health care, foreign policy or tax policies amongst a list of other issues be heavily debated. Its March people, in less than 8 months Americans will indeed be heading to the polls and casting their vote for the next President of the United States. This isn’t a game; the person elected might have a vital impact on the legislation and laws that will impact us for the next four years, if not for the rest of our lives and the rest of our children’s lives.

Let’s put the issues that are of importance front and center. I always find it questionable when people say I’m voting for the person that ‘I like.’ What the hell does that mean? I like a lot of things, but that does mean I’m going to put my livelihood and the livelihood of my children in the hands of likability. Yes that matters, but at the end of the day I want to know where candidates stand. If you sit through a debate and you are unable to give me a clear indication of your stance on an issue that is not a good sign in my opinion.

This entire rhetoric about who is Republican versus who is Democratic is over-rated. Who cares? Who cares? Why are we so quick to label something, shouldn’t we be a united front. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party must acknowledge that the time has arrived for leaving their egos at the door and turning the focus to HELPING ALL AMERICANS.

Not just the rich, not just the poor, not just the middle class, but ALL AMERICANS! The days of picking and choosing are long over. I’m almost certain we have many more debates along the way. I frankly will not waste another 2 hours of my life, watching a bunch of adults act like total idiots on live television. Plain and simple, talk about the issues, that is what I want to hear, that is probably what 99 percent of all Americans want to hear. Hands down the person who discusses the issues at hand and has a clear stance on what is going to be vital to my life, to my children’s life, they’re going to get my vote.