HOLLYWOOD—Whatever happened to these celebrities? There’s a reason why we call them stars-some have lights that burn brighter and faster than others. They have fallen off of the radar. Well unfortunately, despite how promising things looked, these actors and actresses just couldn’t seem to break into the mainstream. Whether it was just bad luck in role choices, rumors of attitudes on set or whatever pulled them away from the limelight. These talented folks just couldn’t make the A-list. Even if we can’t change their Hollywood fortune, we can still honor them and keep our fingers crossed that somehow they find the success they were looking for.

Whatever happened to Kevin Jonas of the famed Jonas Brothers band? Well, we all know that Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas continue with their musical talents. However Kevin Jonas, decided to get married and become a family man. Shortly after their wedding, the couple decided to star in their own reality show, “Married to Jonas,” which aired on the E! Network. The final episode of the second season aired on May 26. 2013. Then in 2014, Kevin was part of the seventh season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” He was fired in the second episode when his team lost the competition. He then had a cameo appearance in 2014 in one of the episodes of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and that’s it folks.

Never quite reached the A-list status. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr, was in many films, including “Jerry Maguire,” and “As Good as It Gets.” Unfortunately, he has fallen short in following up to that incredible role. A string of straight-to-DVD movies and B-caliber action roles have relegated him to Hollywood’s lesser tier. Which given his amazing talent, it’s truly a shame. Academy Award nominated actor, director, screenwriter and producer Edward Norton, should be on the A-list, however seems to pull away from the spotlight. He’s wildly talented and he should be on top of the movie game. No surprise if he made a rousing return to extreme prominence.

Actor Martin Lawrence killed it in the 90s. From “Martin” to “Bad Boys” and everything in between, Lawrence found fortune and fame in comedy, but when the “Big Momma’s House” years rolled in, he was knocked down the Hollywood totem pole. Instead of sleek, interesting humor, Martin Lawrence found himself doing characters that just didn’t have the same spirit as the previous roles in “Bad Boys.” Can he ever get back on top? He would have to get back into the “Bad Boys,” and them maybe he would have a shot.

If you are in your 20s, you will remember the film “Clueless.” It starred Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash. After Silverstone starred in the film role, and even before the movie, she became a teen idol after appearing in Aerosmith’s classic trilogy of music videos. But despite another blockbuster role in “Batman and Robin,” Silverstone had a hard time finding consistently strong and engaging roles to take on in television and in the movies. Though it’s not as if we are surprised that she didn’t really make the jump to serious actress, we still would have enjoyed to see a little more of her.

Stunning and talented actress Geena Davis, with her model good looks and a sparkle on the big screen. Davis was born to be one of Hollywood’s foremost leading ladies. But somewhere between her breakouts in “Thelma & Louise,” “A League of Their Own” and “Beetlejuice,” things went a bit awry. She was never able to maintain enough staying power to certify herself as a top leading lady. Geena even has an Oscar win under her belt. Davis moved out of Hollywood and started the Geena Davis Institute to promote gender in media.

Rose’s Scoop: Whatever happened to actor Steven Seagal? We all remember him as a master of martial arts in movies such as “Under Siege.” Today, we hear that he is still fighting crime as a New Mexico deputy sheriff.