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When Is A Bargain A Good One?

Looking for a good bargain is not hard, it just requires a bit of patience sometimes.

UNITED STATES—There are those people who have the luxury of purchasing items without having to worry about price, but then there are those of us who make it our mission to find a good deal at all costs. Look, you can still get high-quality items at a great price. There are so many people who think you have to spend the big bucks to have nice things, and I’m here to tell you that is not true!

With that being said, I’m here to tell you don’t be like everyone else when it comes to crafting your own personal style. You can get name brand items and clothing at discounted prices all the time, but it requires at times patience and a bit of strategy. I’ve come to learn a very important thing when it comes to shopping: never shopping during the start of the week. If you’re shopping on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday you are likely to pay full price for most items you purchase.

You might ask me, why is that so? Well, the retailers know most people are at work during the week, and if a sale is going to kick-off it’s going to transpire closer to the weekend, preferably Friday-Sunday. This is happens at the malls and outlet stores. Speaking of the outlet, I tend to shop there all the time. I’m not a major fan of paying full price for anything, and I’m a firm believer that having the current trend of clothes doesn’t matter.

It might be last year’s thing, but who cares. Nobody wants to be wearing clothing that everyone else is wearing, and the outlet stores of some of your favorite brands tend to ALWAYS have things on sale and you get top-notch brands at discounted rates. If that is your cup of tea, there is no excuse, and don’t be afraid to head towards the clearance rack or discount section. You can usually find items much cheaper than you can imagine. I mean I got a Coach wallet that was regularly priced for $200, and I only paid $20 for it at the Coach Outlet store in my region. Why do I love it? No one else has a wallet like me.

I always go back to this special rule of thumb: be aware of the discount before you enter the retailer. What does that mean? It means if a sale sounds too good to be true it is likely the case. Anytime I see anything with “Up to…” I steer clear of it. Why? Cause the likely hood of there being anything in the store that is actually 70 or 80 percent off is slim to none. This only happens if a retailer or company is going out of business or if you have clear signage that states “All items 50% off.”

Anything else is a moniker to bring you into the store with the hope that you’ll see something you like, even though it’s not the best price. There is nothing wrong with bargain shopping, so never let anyone make you feel bad for getting a great deal. In the long run you saved money, giving you the opportunity to spend more money on the things you need and at times the things you want.

Written By Kelsey Thomas

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