HELLO AMERICA!—Millions of young people will experience a thrill of a lifetime when viewing the world premiere of “Where Land Meets the Sea.” The global journey for “Shorebreak” has finally come to a climax and is set for its World Premiere debut at the end of the month! The World premiere of “Shorebreak” will take place in California on April 30 at the City National Grove of Anaheim. “Shorebreak” has been working for the past two years touring the globe documenting the skim world to help share the global evolution of the sport.

The film’s director, Anthony D. Liuzzi seems very confident going into this global event due to the overwhelming support by the skim-boarding community and all the top professionals. With the help from large sponsors such as Victoria, Exile, companies such as Just Skim, Lets Party, Shore Lb., Eelsnot, and Kalemba Skim. Kalemba is a community relief program based out of Africa.

The Kalemba helped “Shorebreak” to visit the continent of Africa and helped lead a fundraiser for a local event featured in the film! The documentary not only helps to educate people on this evolution of the sport from the 17th century, but to the current world professional tour today. “Shorebreak” also has footage from five continents and footage dating back to the 1920s! “Shorebreak” is a family film and is for all ages and for anyone who can relate to the waves and the love of the slide” said Mr. Liuzzi, after our discussion with him on the world premiere festival.

For more information on the event or for tickets visit, www.shorebreakfilm.com for event information. The event is action packed with a pre-event expo with thousands of dollars in raffles, giveaways, and fun starting at 5:30 p.m.! To see the trailer for the film visit https://youtube/7eXPh7YZbqU. Then after the feature film event there will be a complimentary concert for those in attendance!

It was wonderfully exciting to see that a tribute to one of America’s greatest iconic writers Arthur Miller  was produced as a theatrical production, Arthur Miller–A Life at the UCLA’S James Bridges Theater. Since I met Mr. Miller during the early 60s, introduced to him by Marilyn Monroe, his wife, I have that special feeling of knowing who he really was as a human being. As Anna Lyse Erikson, Associate Producer of the work noted in the Program Notes: “Miller expressed that a person cannot be separated from the experiences of his life. An artist, be they actor, director, or playwright, cannot create a believable character, without first understanding the society – the personas, events, and moments –which make up that character’s experiences and surroundings.”