HELLO AMERICA!—It doesn’t matter how ABC’s “The View” tries to keep up a team-friendly front involving Whoopi Goldberg as the leading host, it is extremely apparent she feels because of her status as the only Oscar winner, that it gives her automatic power as the only panelist who has anything worth listening to, no matter what the subject matter is.

The actress will soon be in contractual negotiations with ABC about extending her contract for next season. However, she has let it be known that she is not excited about returning to the talk show if her demands are ignored. Even though the studio is anxious to continue having her on the panel because she has added much to the hot topics discussed since 2007. No matter what the controversy, her base following continues being impressive and that is the name of the game.

The other panelists: Raven Symone, Joy Behar, Michelle Collins, Candace Cameron-Bure and Paula Faris try very hard to be knowledgeable and impressive, but with the exception of Behar, they appear as a group of hungry, needy people fighting for a recognized place with an audience that is tough to please. Raven Symone comes across as a little girl crying out for attention with very little education about almost every subject that is schedule for the show.

She seems to be more concerned about her hairstyle or what she is wearing. Yet, ABC insists that the young actress is a definite plus for the show. Watching Goldberg’s reactions to some of the Raven’s ideas and responses concerning controversial issues reminds one of a “mother” who is totally embarrassed and wished that she was at home or another place. It is obvious that Raven is a product of TV and that’s about it.

Everyone loves Joy Behar, possibly because of her history with the show as the sole original co-host. Her years of experience and one who understands the rigors of the talk-format makes it easy to relax and listen to what she might offer on any subject. The other panelists are so new, no matter how hard they attempt being exceptional; it’s difficult to take them seriously. Possibly, this is another reason why ABC is bending over backwards to convince Whoopi to remain on board.

However, since the CBS’ “The Talk” walked away with an Emmy award recently, “View” producers might well consider teaming up ladies who are intelligent, knowledgeable about the happenings in today’s world, instead of women who are so hungry to make a name for themselves which is obvious at every turn. ABC no matter how hard their attempt in making things look cool realize they must do something drastic to keep their audience. Who knows, Goldberg and Raven if negotiations are not acceptable might be at the top of the list of those leaving the once very popular show. ABC is determined to shake up its morning lineup, no matter what it takes or sacrifice. AND THAT’S SHOW BIZ, FOLKS!