HOLLYWOOD—At long last Shiloh Archer has been arrested on “General Hospital.” The guy is an absolute creep who preyed on women and utilized this notion of self-improvement to lure people in only to turn them into victims that he used for sex. Willow managed to unearth this chaos that allowed Sam and Jason to bust the fiend and torch all of those pledges except for two: Kristina’s and Margaux’s. With that being said, Kristina burned hers, never revealing what she disclosed even though it was by Alexis.

Too bad District Attorney Margaux Dawson saw Jason, Sam and Sonny learn that she conspired to keep her mother’s crime against her father a secret. Sonny used it as leverage to have Shiloh arrested, which resulted in Chase in glee, Willow relieved and everyone thinking it was all over. Hmm, not so fast people! Why? Shiloh knows for a fact that Willow had his child; the problem is that child has died and the ONE they think is theirs belongs to someone else.

The child belongs to Michael, and it seems after almost a year, this mystery is finally about to come to light. I seriously HATE, and I mean HATE when a story is dragged far longer than what it needs to be. Michael’s life has been turned upside down by Brad and Nelle’s deception as he came to grips that Jonah is no more. When this secret comes out it’ll be one to watch for cause we might see some gripping narrative not to mention, unbelievable surprises along the way.

Alexis, Sam, Jason, Julian and a host of others are working overtime to ensure Shiloh doesn’t get the upper hand to track down his long lost child. Too bad all this work will be for nothing because he can’t have his hands on a child that doesn’t belong to him anyway. That will not stop this fiend though because Harmony stepped up to the plate confessing to drugging Sam and Kristina, which had all the charges against Shiloh dropped. He strolled into town free as he could be, not realizing that he is hated. Sonny and Jason are ready to make a move, Willow is frightened to the core and Sam is unnerved to say the least.

Harmony is so far up Shiloh’s butt, I don’t know if she is an idiot, completely brainwashed or driven to obtain his love. I mean how Chase could add 2+2 to realize that Harmony and Willow are related screams wonders. However, the reveal came that Willow’s father died after Harmony slept with Shiloh. It still raises the question of WHO Willow’s father is. This is intriguing because Alexis has been digging into Neil’s past and keeps running into a brick wall. She pried into his private life and he immediately shut it down.

Shiloh’s cult following is working to his advantage because he found records of Willow being admitted to a hospital and having a son named Wiley. I just can’t wait till Shiloh learns that Wiley is not his child it will be the devastating blow he so deserves people.

At last, we’ve wrapped up this Jordan needs a kidney storyline because it was flat out boring and brought no compelling TV in my opinion. Ryan was drugged, by whom the audience doesn’t quite know, but this is one mystery where honestly I don’t care. Someone did what they had to do to save someone’s life; end of story America. The biggest news worth discussing is the growing chemistry between Nina and Jax. Yes, Jasper Jacks has his eyes on Nina Reeves, and that didn’t make Valentin happy. He even proposed a potential partnership with Sonny of all people to neutralize Jax. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Jax and Nina will soon become an item, after the Sasha reveal hits the fan. It sucks for Michael because yet again, he gets burned by a woman he loved, but at least there will be a silver lining at the end of the tunnel. Like I said, just when I thought the Ryan Chamberlain storyline had reached its peak, here comes schemer Nelle Benson. Ryan was livid upon learning that Finn and company (Curtis, Franco, Valerie, Kevin and Elizabeth) were responsible for him losing a kidney and it being given to Jordan to save her life.

Hmm, why do I sense a prison break in the works? I mean we haven’t seen Nelle in quite some time, and I can sense her return will catapult the baby switch storyline into full gear. I mean how ironic is it that both “General Hospital” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” have a baby switch storyline front-and-center right now? Oh, the irony of the soap world, but I love it anyway.