HOLLYWOOD─There was a big blindside last week on “Survivor: Winners at War.” Sele is being decimated by the Dakal tribe, and Adam’s plan to turn the tables on Rob and Parvati blew up in his face. He saw Ethan get the boot much to his dismay, as well as his allies. This week’s episode, ‘I Like Revenge’ saw things kick off with Adam realizing that his alliance may not trust him as much, with Parvati and Rob realizing they’re on the bottom. Adam was delivered a brutal punch, and his game really needs a new trajectory.

Back on Dakal, Yul seemed a bit too happy, which gives me an inclination that the audience might finally see them return to Tribal Council after a long drought. Members of Dakal could actually see from a distance the Edge of Extinction, where Amber discovered another chance to earn a fire token. It was an arduous task where they had to bring pieces of fire wood, one-by-one down back to the camp. Yes, imagine hiking stairs 20 times would take a beating on their bodies.

Man, these guys looked exhausted after their first trip up the stairs. Ethan had a hefty start, but soon crashed and burned, as Danni took the slow and steady approach. Natalie continued to prove she was a beast people. Yeah, is this level of torture worth a single fire token? I’m starting to think not so much people. Ethan was determined not to give up after he nearly fainted and needed medical assistance, but continued to push and finished the task.

Natalie is 4-4 people, but seeing everyone complete the task was inspiring people. It was nice to see Rob give Michele advice about not worrying what other people think, just as Adam wanted to prove his allegiance by working super hard around the camp. As I said, Adam, Rob and Parvati wanted to team up, but instead of saying yes, Adam deflected. That gave Rob the opportunity to tell a lie to Jeremy and Michele (who ate it up). Wow, Rob is good people. Finally, we’re seeing some more strategy on Dakal, as Sarah bonded with Tyson, and he pointed out the odd balls out (Sophie, Yul, Wendell and Nick).

Sandra took in what Tyson was saying, but did not buy anything that he sold. This immunity challenge was one that involved plenty of water people, with Dakal having a hefty lead, but Adam being the person to obtain all three of the keys as everyone else faltered I was livid watching, because I wanted to see Adam not give up as Dakal was blowing things away with the puzzle. Sele was not giving up, as Rob and Michele went to town on that puzzle. Wow, Dakal had a hell of a lead, and literally blew it as Sele came back in rocket speed to deliver an upset that I never saw coming it was amazing to witness people.

The strategy begun with Tyson pointing fingers at Nick, unaware that chatting to Yul and Tony might be too easy. Tyson was certain that Nick was out unaware that he could be in the hot seat. It is indeed nice to see Nick finally have some presence after several episodes. Tony started to think about how keeping Tyson would be a meat shield for him. He decided to create a foursome with Sarah, Kim, Tyson, with Sandra as the deciding vote. The Queen determines if Nick or Tyson is going to be sent packing people, this is exciting.

So it’s time for the fifth boot and this was a fun Tribal Council, as Yul pointed out there were groups within the group, where things would be exposed in terms of loyalty. Once again, it became a game where it can be anybody, except me. The vote seems obvious, but I don’t think it will be as obvious as we want it to be America, but it was. What the hell with Nick’s vote for Kim people?

However, it was Tyson who was sent packing, but it begs the question if everyone voted him out? Tyson gave his fire token to Nick the guy he wanted out the game? Ok, this episode was full of surprises people, I don’t understand the strategy in that at all. Next week we get the long awaited swap, and I cannot wait to see how things shake the game up people. Until next week “Winners at War!”