HOLLYWOOD—Well, it was only a matter of time before “The Young and the Restless” decided to kick off a big-time murder on the soap. This week saw the demise of kooky Dr. Anderson, in a mystery build-up that didn’t quite deliver in my opinion.

For weeks, viewers have been aware that Dr. Anderson was the person responsible for faking the death of Sage and Nick’s son Christian and passing him off as Sharon’s son. Yes, how in the world Sage, Nick and the rest of Genoa City didn’t figure that out still baffles me.

The last few days have been must-see on the soap, as the mystery behind Dr. Anderson aka Sandra Allen came to light. Sage and Nick’s ruse to get the goods on Dr. Anderson proved quite risky to say the least. I mean who commits themselves to a psychiatric hospital. Sage went toe-to-toe with Sandy who found a way to neutralize her opponent. That prompted Nick to go into panic mode, which led to a conversation with Sharon who pretty much confirmed what Nick should have known: the past finds a way to come back to haunt you.

Yep, that girl whose neck he was responsible for breaking and leading to her paralysis had swooped into town and pulled the wool over everyone. With Sage, Nick, Sharon and Patty Williams all aware of what Dr. Anderson was up, it was only a matter of time before MURDER surfaced.

Nick and Sharon made a byline to Fairview to confront Sandy, but they stumbled upon her bloody body and a knife beside her. Uh-oh, who killed Dr. Anderson? Well the writers didn’t waste time revealing the culprit. Looks like Patty is the scapegoat yet again. Sorry, not buying that she killed the doctor, even though her flashbacks seem to confirm it. I have a reason to suspect Patty made those things up in her mind, and the real culprit is still running loose. Start making those predictions people because Sage, Adam or a list of other suspects could have been responsible for Sandy’s unexpected demise.

Speaking of Adam Newman, the guy can’t keep his hand out of the cookie jar. He seems to be involved in so much drama that it’s crazy. He’s working around the clock to take out his partner turned enemy Luca who has gained a bit of leverage against the spawn of Victor Newman. Not only does Luca know that Noah is responsible for Billy Abbott’s hit and run, he is using the information he knows to his advantage.

Luca should be careful because he’s making enemies and I have a feeling he could be the next one who bids adieu on the soap. I mean he’ll have plenty of enemies in Adam, Marissa, Noah and Victor. Victor made his presence known when he literally grabbed Luca by the collar making the threat, “No one beats Victor Newman.” For the first time in a long time, the patriarch exuded his power which unnerved Luca a bit.

The situation has only become more complicated with Chelsea now aware of what Noah did. I mean how is it possible that Sharon and Nick have no idea of the amount of trouble that their son is in.

If that wasn’t enough pressure for Adam, that little secret about Christian’s paternity is certain to explode during May sweeps if you ask me. I mean think about it, what better way to blow-up Adam’s happily ever after than by revealing a secret that will destroy Chelsea. The sad thing about this revelation is that it will destroy Nick Newman; perhaps this is what Sandy expected all along. It was such a sad moment to sit and watch Patty fracture completely in the midst of the Dr. Anderson chaos. She holds the key to everything, and yet it doesn’t look like the truth is coming out anytime soon.

“The Young and Restless” kicked off a murder mystery to end it right as it could have gotten juicy, but I suspect the writers are toying with us.