HOLLYWOOD—Man, the fall from grace for Cane Ashby on “The Young and the Restless” has been quite ruthless to say the least America. Not only did the guy do everything in his power to keep his secret tryst with Juliet under wraps, but after the big reveal things have only exploded that much more. He hasn’t been able to land a job, Lily is disgusted by his behavior, his kids can’t stand the site of him, Billy and Victoria is blackballing him, and Juliet is carrying his child.

Cane has crossed over slightly to the dark side if you ask me. He should have been given a pass by Lily for his cheating. I mean she did indeed cheat on Cane, not once, but twice, and he forgave her both occasions. I guess the only difference in this situation is she didn’t end up pregnant by another man. Lily’s world literally has crumbled around her and it’s evident she has a champion in her corner: Jordan! Yeah, when this guy first arrived in Genoa City it was apparent that he had a spark for Lily, but kept things at bay out of respect for her marriage.

Now that the marriage is crumbling, Jordan has been by his pal’s side to be a talking ear and it’s just a matter of time before temptation gives in. There is just one slight problem: Hilary! This woman already hates Lily and relished in seeing her marriage fall apart after she put Juliet up to the task of suing Brash and Sassy. Unfortunately, Hilary never expected her beau to have such strong feelings for Lily. Hilary has done some devious things and gotten away with them time and time again. This might be her comeuppance, where she learns that when you do wrong you can lose the things you cherish most, and I think Jordan is one of those things people.

In other chaos, Devon and Mariah and Noah and Tessa’s relationships are about to be tested in a major way. Why? Well, it looks like Mariah and Tessa might be closer than people think. Both ladies shared a passionate kiss last week and now those feelings are starting to bubble to the surface. Why is this problematic? Noah and Devon have no idea what their girlfriends are up to. I feel sorry for Noah because the guy just can’t catch a break in the love department. It seems everyone he falls in love with disappears from his life. I’m guessing once this bombshell explodes it will reunite Hilary and Devon whose spark has not yet fizzled even though they have attempted to do so America.

I’m so over the constant back and forth between Victoria and Billy. Look either you guys reunite and work on repairing your family or call it quits for good. Billy pines after Victoria, she pines after Billy; these two play so many games it’s sickening. He wants to play house with Phyllis, but have his cake with Victoria. As for Victor Newman’s daughter, she is starting to unravel by doing reckless things that have caught the eye of Jack Abbott and Hilary. That Hilary, she seems to constantly immerse herself in everyone else’s drama; it is just a matter of time before things explode in her face.

Speaking of Jack, I must say I’m stunned to see him and Nikki Newman rekindling their relationship yet again. Too bad Dina (Jack’s mom) and everyone in Nikki’s orbit thinks she is making a huge mistake. Well time will tell, Victor doesn’t seem too upset with the news, but maybe that is part of his master plan people. This is a guy who loves to see people take a tumble, even those who are blood. So expect Nikki to be tortured by Victor, and when it comes to Jack there is no love lost between these two enemies. More innocent lives will be caught in the crosshairs of their feud, but it’ll take something drastic to transpire for them to finally realize enough is enough.

I guess the biggest question of the hour is rather Cane will actually bounce back after hitting rock bottom. Only time will tell “Y&R” lovebirds!