HOLLYWOOD—It has become a stark realization for me in the soap arena: the writers are learning that you don’t have to drag out a storyline for a year. I thought this Hope baby switch storyline might drag for months, but not so, not so at all. Well, at least that is where audiences thought things were headed earlier in the week. After getting Flo to confess to the truth, Zoe went directly to her father for confirmation. She soon learned that Reese faked the death of Hope’s child and gave her to Steffy to pay off his gambling debt.

The acting from Kiara Barnes was riveting to say the least. We finally got to see the actress in a new light and it was quite fun to watch to say the least. After ripping into her father for his actions, she headed straight to Xander to drop the bomb on him before paying Steffy a visit. I mean this woman said it straight to Steffy’s face in so many words without actually saying it: Beth is Hope’s daughter! It felt like Steffy knew, but did not want to full confirm it.

However, after thinking about it, Zoe decided to hold back on sharing the entire dirty truth out of some unexplained loyalty to her father. Zoe, throw the book at your father, because when the truth comes out (and it will), you’ll be seen as an accessory to the crime! Steffy has bonded with the baby, but it’s better to break that bond now than when it’s even further developed than where it is now.

I mean Hope is already bonding with the child and to make the situation worse, Liam and Steffy can sense that. They actually suspect that Hope is starting to spiral. She’s not, she just knows for reasons we cannot explain that Phoebe reminds her of Beth, and we all know why that is. Hope is getting delusional because she is pushing her hubby away; it feels like she wants Liam and Steffy to be this one big, happy family.

The other story that makes absolutely no sense and is a sign of terrible writing involves the unexpected split between Thorne and Katie. It completely came out of nowhere, and it seemed the story was rushed together and just felt like a cheap exit for actor Ingo Rademacher, who is slated to return to “General Hospital.” Like Thorne for the first time in years had a bit of a backbone, and actual story and if you blink it just all vanished without a trace. I knew the writers were already planning a third go around with Katie and Bill and its freaking tired. The first two times he cheated on her with Brooke, who the hell is to say it won’t happen again?

Come on “B&B” writers, you’re recycling the same content too much. So much to the point that Justin and Donna meddled in their attempt to make this reconciliation transpire! Katie has done nothing wrong in the marriage, it all goes back to Bill, rather its Brooke or Steffy, the guy is not capable of monogamy and some people just aren’t.

I will admit this is one story I am not dying to see unfold on the small screen; been there done that, and I’m more glued to this baby swap storyline reaching its ugly climax and what blowback will be delivered once the truth comes to light.