Tourists Targeted By Thieves

Iphone 5

SAN FRANCISCO—Tourists who visit San Francisco have reportedly been the targets of criminals in recent months. Since tourists carry items that are expensive, such as cameras and cell phones, they have become easy targets for thieves.

Reportedly, thieves have targeted individuals sitting outside restaurants in popular parts throughout the city. They snatch the phones or other items that are sitting on the table or that people are holding loosely in their hands. They have reportedly also stolen from tip jars from restaurants.

There have been thirteen arrests this past month in relation to stolen items, many of the individuals are under the age of eighteen. Some attribute this to the fact that school is out and underage teens have little to do.

Officials are warning people to be more vigilant with their surroundings and if they notice an expensive item on a tabletop or sitting out to let someone know immediately. Individuals are also urged to keep personal belongings close to them at all times to avoid becoming a target.

By Nedda Alishahi