SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Utilities Commission has repaired a 121 year-old water main that broke and flooded the streets at Fourth and Howard Streets near the San Francisco’s Moscone Center on Friday, December 9.

According to reports, an overflow of water swamped the Moscone Center garage and the loading dock at the Marriott Hotel at approximately 3:00 a.m. The water spewed from the middle of the intersection for about an hour. SFPUC crews drilled two holes into the street to reach the broken water main.

Crews discovered a large hole in the water pipe, which they believe is a result of the water main’s advanced age.

“The pipeline that broke dates back to 1895 and so usually when you have a pipe that is that old, age is a likely factor,” said SFPUC spokesperson Charles Sheehan.

About 200 nearby residents and businesses had their water cut off for a short time, but services were restored. Water pressure was reduced for customers during repairs.

San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency’s central subway project was also flooded.

“It’s under water, about a foot under water, so we got some pumping to do,” SFMTA spokesperson Rod Bowyer said.

The water main break caused heavy traffic in the area. Traffic control was on the scene to divert cars around the repairs. Drivers who ventured into the effected area could only make a right turn on Howard Street.

“Once we open up the street, we’ll be able to assess how much erosion, how much damage there is beneath the road,” Sheehan said

Crews repaired the water break, but the intersection remained closed. The SFPUC is working to repair the surface of the street.