SEATTLE — A protest that occurred Wednesday, Sept. 23, in Seattle, ended in the arrest of 13 individuals and in the injury of various officer, police said.

The protest formed in Cal Anderson Park at 7 p.m. and it was said to be in response of the ruling in Breonna Taylor’s case earlier that day. Several videos from the protest that were uploaded to social media show that a large crowd starting walking through the city, chanting with posters. In a livestream by Malcontentment Tango via Facebook protesters could be seen singing and lighting candles for Taylor. Later at night, the protest started becoming more violent.

Videos uploaded to Twitter by the account “Kitty Shackleford” show dumpster fires and fireworks thrown at police. Police said protesters were vandalized some property in their way. Reporter Katie Daviscourt released a video from a Starbucks that was destroyed during the protest. The SPD launched crow control munitions during the protest and armored vehicles arrived on the scene.

According to the police report, at about 10:45 p.m. one of the protestors approached the East Precinct and threw explosives that ended up near officers who were waiting in their bikes. Afterwards, the police said that some people started cutting the security camera wires of the precinct. When officers attempted to arrest the person in charge of the explosives, bottles and rocks were thrown at them. The police then deployed pepper spray and blast balls.

Photo courtesy of the Seattle Police Department.

One of the officers in the protest was struck in the head with a baseball bat and the impact cracked his helmet. Police said that other officers were injured in the confrontations. As a result, the SPD arrested 13 individuals with charges ranging from property destruction to assault on an officer.

In one of the videos of the protest, a Seattle Police officer can be seen advancing his bike over the head of a man who was in the ground. The police launched an investigation regarding this event and said that the officer has been placed on leave. The Office of Police Accountability asked the SPD to refer the event to King County Sheriff’s Office for a potential criminal investigation.