SAN FRANCISCO—Officials announced on Thursday, April 11 that the $2 billion transit terminal in San Francisco that shut down six weeks ago is on track to be repaired by June. The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) operates the Salesforce Transit Center, which opened on August 12, 2018. Officials closed the terminal in September 2018 after finding two cracked beams.

On Wednesday, April 10 officials updated the public on the construction effort, announcing that the hydraulic jacks currently supporting the building will come down within the next few weeks. Those support jacks were put in place in October 2018 after steel cracks were found in the beams.

According to an update on the Salesforce Transit Center’s website, before reopening, the TJPA must repair the beams, reinforce a similarly designed area at First Street and conduct an exhaustive review of the facility.

After the fissures were discovered, the TJPA’s contractor installed a multi-level shoring system at Fremont and First Streets as the independent review and monitoring continue. The repair and reinforcement of these two streets are underway and scheduled to be completed by June 2019.

Twelve-feet long steel plates that were machined in Pennsylvania and delivered to the Stockton-based steel fabricator, Herrick, in March 2019 were ready to be installed to reinforce the building where the cracked beams once sat.

Transbay executive director Mark Zabaneh told the authority’s board on Thursday that repairs should be done by June 1, but a reopening date depends on other factors, including how long it takes to get the building ready.