SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, July 10, religious leaders joined protesters following the deadly police killings that occurred in Dallas to spread the call for justice and providing healing. They held a rally at City Hall. About 30 representatives from a variety of churches held signs reading, “Black Lives Matter,” “Love and Peace,” and “Love gives hope that change is possible,” according to SFGate. Crowds of people heard speeches from religious and political leaders.

The rally, known as the Interfaith Justice and Peace Rally was organized by Bay Area faith leaders. According to SFGate, the rally promoted the message that black people lives should be respected but it has to be done peacefully and while understanding the difficult jobs of police officers.

“How we can bring committees together as well as police. I think we really need to have dialogue,” said Grace Tabernacle Church Bishop Ernest Jackson to ABC7 News San Francisco.

Prior to the day of the rally, San Francisco Board of Supervisor Malia Cohen tweeted about the event and indicated to “Join Faith Communities United for Justice & Peace for a peaceful rally against violence in our communities 2 pm, Sun. July 10, SF City Hall.” After the rally she tweeted, “Standing united against all violence after a tragic week in America w/ @SF_Interfaith @LondonBreed @DavidChiu” along with a photo showing her support.

SF Board of Supervisors Malia Cohen told ABC 7 that police tactical reforms are helping in situations. “Last week, SFPD had its own stand-off with an African-American man with a gun. He lived,” said Cohen to ABC 7.

San Francisco News attempted to contact SFPD but was unable to get a comment by print.

On the San Francisco Police Department Facebook page, they posted a statement regarding the Dallas Police shootings that read: “San Francisco Police Department remains committed to building stronger bonds between law enforcement officer and the communities we are proud to serve.”

Many attendees of the rally were promoting love and solidarity. “We’re here about love,” said G.L Hodge, Chair of the San Francisco Interfaith Council and Administrator of Providence Baptist Church in Hunters Point to SFGate. “Returning violence for violence only multiplies violence.”