SAN FRANCISCO—Police believe they may have identified three suspects from a group of burglars known as the “Rainbow Crew” who ransacked the Ulta Beauty store on July 28.

The theft, which occurred at 2675 Geary Boulevard in Laurel Heights, adjacent to the Anza Vista area, was reported at around 8:45 p.m. Police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

According to the store, over $11,000 worth of inventory was taken from display shelves. The suspects reportedly filled their bags with as many items as they could hold, including colognes and perfumes. San Francisco police officers stated that the Rainbow Crew is well known for their premeditated shoplifting from high end retail stores. According to reports, the suspects enter a store, grab everything they can, and leave before the police arrive. The group has allegedly been operating for the past five years, and originally only included girls with rainbow-colored hair, which is how the group got its name.

The recent incident was captured by the store’s video surveillance system. The footage allowed police to identify three of the nine burglars.

The Rainbow Crew caught on camera entering the Union Square Ultra Beauty store
The Rainbow Crew caught on camera entering the Union Square Ultra Beauty store

The three have been identified as San Francisco residents—Mercedes Cannorier, 31; Andrea Rose, 40; and R’Mani Minard, 21. All three suspects have criminal records. Rose and Minard are wanted by the police for outstanding warrants. 

Minard has outstanding warrants in five counties: San Diego and Solano County in Southern California, and Alameda, Pleasanton, and Walnut Creek in Northern California. Police stated that Minard has been charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon in the past.

Rose is wanted for drug possession, including narcotics offenses. Cannorier has been on probation from a count of burglary that took place in Los Angeles County.

All parties are wanted for second-degree burglary and conspiracy, according to the police. The remaining suspects of the crew have yet to be identified, but are believed to be two males and four females. All suspects were wearing beanies and/or hoodies that partially blocked their faces.

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to call the Richmond Police Station Investigations Team at (415) 666-8000. Those wishing to remain anonymous may contact the Anonymous Tip Line at (415) 575-4444. To text a tip, text TIP411 and include “SFPD” in the opening of the message.