OAKLAND—A deep sinkhole opened up on southbound Highway 13 in Oakland on Monday, January 23. The sinkhole caused the left lane of the highway to be blocked off. It led to the  closure of the connecting ramp from Highway 24.

A Facebook post from the Oakland office of California Highway Patrol called the sinkhole “Steve,” saying it “was born” around 5:30 a.m. near Broadway Terrace.

The sinkhole was approximately 5 feet wide and 10 feet deep, Caltrans reported. The hole reportedly damaged a number of cars that attempted to pass over it. Officials indicated there were no reports of any injuries.

Drivers in the area had to be re-routed from eastbound Highway 24 to the Tunnel Road and Caldecott Lane exit. They were directed to make a right turn onto Tunnel Road, a right turn onto the Kay Overcrossing, a left turn onto Caldecott Lane and a final left turn onto Highway 13.

According to a Twitter post from Caltrans, the repairs were expected to take at least a couple of days.

On January 24, cement was poured into the sinkhole and asphalt smoothed over it, the California Highway Patrol noted.

Repairs to the sinkhole were completed just before the Tuesday evening commute, said Chiconda Davis, a Caltrans spokeswoman.

The left lane on southbound Highway 13 near Broadway Terrace re-opened to motorists around 4 p.m, whilethe connector ramp from eastbound Highway 24 to 13 remained closed.

 “The cause is still under evaluation, so at this point, we don’t want to speculate,” said Davis.