SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO—A woman was robbed at gunpoint at her South San Francisco home after returning from running errands on  January 18, authorities said. The victim has been identified as a 78 year-old woman.

Upon arrival, the homeowner found a man she did not know inside her home. The suspect, believed to be in his mid-20s, threatened the victim with a gun and ordered her to lie on the floor, South San Francisco Police said. After complying, the suspect fled the scene through the front door.

The suspect was wearing a cloth to cover his face, and managed to steal cash and jewelry from the home, police said.

Investigators discovered the suspect was able to enter the home by shattering a window to climb into the victim’s home.

No arrests have been made. Anyone with information on the break-in is asked to contact the South San Francisco Police Department anonymously at (650) 952-2244.