SAN FRANCISCO—A Tesla vehicle and a SF Cable Car collided at an intersection near Union Square on Thursday, March 30.

“Though there were passengers on the Powell/Mason cable car just before 5 p.m. when the wreck occurred at Powell and Sutter streets, no injuries were reported,” said Paul Rose, a spokesman for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency in a statement.

According to officials neither the gripman of the cable car or the driver of the electric Tesla were at fault for the crash. There was no damage to the cable car, and two shuttle buses were set up to bridge the service gap.

This is the second incident involving Tesla vehicle and cable car crashing in the San Francisco region in the past few months. In both cases, the cable car appeared to have no significant damage. In December 2016, a Tesla and cable car collided on Powell near Pine and Bush Streets.

Officials are still investigating what may have triggered the collision.