SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, April 14, 49ers EDU announced a “Virtual Lesson Series” to help Bay Area students and teachers that have an interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math).

The SF 49ers tweeted that day:

“#49ersEDU is bringing their STEAM field trip program directly to Bay Area students. The newly launched Virtual Lesson Series is free, accessible online and features adjustable lesson topics to fit K-8 academic standards. . .”

The 49ers EDU said the series is “perfect” for teachers and students with an interest in STEAM and said it “hopes to spark interest” and “continue to grow the next generation of STEAM professionals,” in an April 15 news release.

The lessons will be 45 minutes long and eligibility is based on “schedule, staffing, and program availability,” noted its application form.  In addition, 49ers EDU said there will be only be one visit per day (at the moment).

There are three topics to choose from, states the news release:

  1. Career Connections: Students and teachers will “explore all the different jobs that are necessary for a successful football franchise, both on and off the field.”
  2. Environmental Sustainability: Students and teachers will be displayed the “many environmentally friendly practices in place at the venue, including the use of solar, a rooftop garden, and recycling.”
  3. Art, Math, and Football: Students and teachers will learn “how math influences art, and how art can help people understand complex mathematical problems.”

The “Virtual Lesson Series” is an “extension of the regular 49ers EDU in-person programming at Levi’s Stadium, which has been completely halted since” the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, notes the news release.

During a “normal year,” about 60,000 students visit the 49ers EDU & Denise DeBartolo York Education Center at the 49ers Museum in Santa Clara, CA for “meaningful and relevant and educational experiences that leverage football as a platform to connect, engage and inspire K-8 students and educators,” states the news release.

Director of 49ers Museum and 49ers EDU Jesse Lovejoy said he hopes that the “Virtual Lesson Series” will “serve as a fun, unique, and simple way to learn about STEAM through the lens of football,” the press release notes.

The 49ers Museum opened nearly seven years ago back in August 2014 as a “first-class celebration” of football team San Francisco 49ers from the “past, present, and future” with “11 unique gallery and exhibit spaces,” according to an August 2014 news release.

The new virtual series was announced the same day it was revealed that former SF 49ers player Lynn Thomas passed away at age 61.