CALIFORNIA—Francisco Sanchez, 73, who was admitted to College Medical Center for a UTI on January 31, passed away from injuries sustained after being placed in a room with Reginald Daniel Panthier, 37.

Officers from the Long Beach Police Department responded to a battery at the hospital, where they discovered that Panthier attacked Sanchez, who sustained major injuries to his upper torso and was taken to another hospital for treatment. According to LBPD, Sanchez died on February 9, almost 10 days after the attack.

Panthier was arrested for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and producing great bodily harm against an elder. According to Sanchez’s son, Ramon, the nurse returned to find his father on the floor bleeding to death.

Ramon describes the scene on his GoFundMe page for the “Francisco Sanchez Family Emergency.”

He details what started as a normal day when his father went for help with a UTI, an issue he’s previously dealt with in the past. Ramon received a call from his sister 7 hours later informing him to get to Memorial Medical Center.

He mentions how the nurse who found his father asking Panthier what happened and, “the attacker confessed that he gave my dad a beating.” Following the arrest, Panthiers was taken to Long Beach City Jail and was held on a $1 million bail as of Monday.

The motive for the attack is still under investigation.

“We still don’t know…what was the reason for this individual to beat up, my father,” said Ramon. “He was my mentor…he came here from Mexico to give us more opportunity and a better life.”