UNITED STATES—I sometimes have to ask myself why do some people tell some of the most outrageous lies? I mean I hate to even say this as an adult, but I understand why we sometimes lie. We want to protect people or in some odd psychology we want to cover our bases, but at the end of the day a lie is a lie.

Some lies have minimal damage, and then there are those lies that can have a massive impact on not just your life, but others lives as well. Could you imagine if every single lie that you ever told during your lifetime came back to haunt you? Yeah, a lot of us would be in major trouble to say the least.

This conversation is in our inner circle who we sometimes turn the other cheek on when it comes to lying. There are people who are great liars and then there are those who are not so great at lying even though in the back of their mind they sense they have this skill as I call it, dead to rights. I mean the moment they open up their mouths, you already KNOW, you can SENSE they’re about to lie and that just annoys me to the core.

I’ll give you the perfect example. I’m someone who has very little free time in my personal life. Nothing bugs me more than when a person wastes my time thinking they’re doing me a favor when in actuality they’re not. My sister gets a call from my brother’s girlfriend noting that he was rushed to the hospital in an ER. First thing that pops into both of our minds is what happened. She was vague at first, but as my sister dug for information we learned he fell trying to reach a chair and perhaps injured his back.

It seems possible, but the more I think about it, it is very hard to fall on ones back and directly impact your spine. So now I’m starting to question what really happened; was this all a ruse for attention? When you call someone alerting them that you have a major situation and someone is in the ER you’re thinking the worse, not a potential sprained back muscle. Yeah, that’s what it turned out to be.

So you have family members rushing to the hospital only to discover you slightly sprained your back? C’mon who does that, who in their right mind is willing to allow something that minute to be blown into something bigger than what it actually is. Hmm, my brother! I know I’m not the only person who understands my plight. This is like workers lying about why they didn’t show up to work or complete a task that was expected of them. Don’t wait for me to call you out to find out what happened, be honest and tell the truth to begin with. Telling a lie to cover the truth only leads to more lies which cause more issues later down the road.

If I can’t trust you to own your mess when you’ve been caught red-handed, then I have no use for you. Trust is the most vital thing in my world; if I cannot trust you, I don’t want you in my orbit, plain and simple. I mean I knew someone who lied about being robbed just because he was pissed and trying to cover the fact he was a complete a**hole and didn’t want the truth to come to surface. Don’t lie about stuff like that, especially to a person who had a gun pointed at his head close range and for like 60 seconds thought his life was about to end in grisly fashion. Does that make you feel good to be that bold to tell a lie of that magnitude?

The logic I’m trying to bring to the table here is if you tell a lie there has to be a reason for telling it, but make sure it’s a good one. This is not to say I’m condoning lying, but come on already, you cannot sit here and tell a lie that has no purpose. When you do such things it places you in the boat of being a sociopath; one who loves to stir the pot, create trouble just for the sake of doing it. As my parents always said, if you lie you will steal if you steal you will kill. It leads to a domino effect people so be careful!