HOLLYWOOD—All I can say is that I’m stunned “Young and Restless” fans. I said the addition of Michael Mealor in the role of Kyle Abbott has been a welcome change for the character on the soap. It seemed for years the writers just didn’t know what the hell to do with this character, but Mealor has certainly made him his own. Why? He is ruthless, and I mean he is nothing like his father, if anything he is more like Victor Newman, cue Kyle’s mission to get Victor to give him a shot in the Newman empire.

I mean Kyle taking over Jabot and doing everything in his power to take the company to shambles was fun, but his latest ploy to drop the bomb on Victor, Jack, Ashley, Abby and the rest of Genoa City that he knows Jack is not really an Abbott is brutal. I mean Kyle has to be aware that by revealing this information he is also at the same time revealing to the rest of the world that he isn’t an Abbott either?

I did see a glimmer of hope in Kyle in Friday’s episode as he pleaded his case to Victor and provided him with the evidence to take out his opponent for once and all. Kyle was almost fearful and consumed with guilt and tears in his face. Victor was giving the kid an out, but Kyle wanted to prove his allegiance, even if that meant destroying his father’s legacy and his family in the process.

So how would it go down? Of course, at a public setting, I mean this is “Y&R” people. Ashley’s paternity was revealed at a big soiree and the same transpired to Jack. To say he was crushed by the revelation is uncanny, but he spiraled and lashed out at all. Watching those scenes of Jack confessing his admiration for John Abbott were heartbreaking, however, it was the tongue lashing he delivered to Dina was may secure Peter Bergman a nomination in the Lead Actor race at the 2019 Daytime Emmy awards. To say the acting was powerful would be an understatement.

The question I want to know is WHO IS JACK’S FATHER if this ‘secret’ is true. I mean Dina is suffering from Alzheimer’s so all of this could be a big fat lie. This is just a theory, but something tells me that Jack and Victor might actually be brothers. Now, wouldn’t that be a bombshell to shake both of these characters and Genoa City to the core? I mean Jack a Newman; I just can’t even fathom the result.

Wait there is more, because Abby and Ashley were already suspicious of Kyle, but Auntie Ashley got some Intel that her nephew was a focal point in all this madness coming to fruition and not in a good way to say the least America. Kyle should be very careful because I can see a major downfall in his future that he won’t see coming. While Kyle is up to no good, Paul, Nick and Mariah are starting to realize the fearless foursome (Victoria, Phyllis, Sharon and Nikki) are hiding a major secret.

Nick decided to offer a reward for any tips on J.T.’s whereabouts, which rattled Sharon, who cannot tell a convincing lie if her life depended on it. When grilled by Nick about Mariah claiming to have heard a man’s voice, Sharon got defensive, and feeling the walls closing in, she planted a kiss on Nick which ultimately led to that bottled up sexual chemistry between the two exploding and they made love. It was a nice distraction, but we all know Nick, when he gets a hunch he never lets it go. Worse, Paul knows that Nikki, Phyllis and Victoria lied about that phone call because Sharon revealed otherwise.

We all know J.T.’s body will be discovered, but then again someone may have already removed it to protect the ladies or better? What if J.T. is still alive and looking for a bit of vengeance? Time will indeed tell America and I cannot wait till the truth about J.T. comes to light. Lives in Genoa City are about to be changed and in a major, major way. I was always on the fence about Gina Tognoni as Phyllis Newman, I mean in my heart Michelle Stafford will always be the character, but this J.T. storyline has changed my heart. Phyllis is a ferocious and fierce woman and her taking control of the situation has forced me to see her in a new light. Instead of allowing Victoria to confess to all, Phyllis decided to usher her out of town on a convention. Now, of course that looks suspicious as an officer of courts, but it buys the four a bit of time.

Hilary, Hilary, Hilary, when will you learn to stop deceiving the people you claim to care about. Devon after having a heart-to-heart with Neil came to the realization that he wants to be by Hilary’s side during her pregnancy. However, Hilary never expected her soon to be baby daddy would show up to her insemination appointment. She did all in her power to deflect and to get him to leave, but he was not budging. The bomb was Devon’s reaction to learning that Hilary was NOT pregnant, but planning to get inseminated.

Yeah, I expected him to be livid, enraged and ready to sever ties with Hilary once and for all. Nope, he had a kind heart and explained that he wanted to be a father, and if it meant losing Simone in the process so be it. These two were destined to be together, but if Hilary doesn’t stop with the antics, she might lose her one true love forever. The J.T. murder is fun narrative, but I have to say this Abbott family bombshell is riveting and with Jack questioning who he is after the revelation only more madness can transpire in the coming weeks on “The Young and the Restless.”