UNITED STATES—Adult film star Stormy Daniels has been pushed into the public sphere larger than her adult film career. Her alleged affair with now President Donald Trump has been a story of the hour for months now. It seems it is the only thing that anyone and I mean almost anyone can talk about in the political arena. The frustrating angle of the situation is that it’s a back and forth game of cat and mouse. The truth has not been revealed and as a spectator looking in from the outside, I don’t think we will ever learn the truth.

The one thing that we know is that Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen did indeed pay Daniels a $130,000 payment. Rather the payment was to keep her mouth shut about what transpired between her and Mr. Trump is still up in the air. Another unexpected twist in this tale, which seems like something from a soap opera, is that Trump initially noted he was NOT aware of Cohen’s payment to Daniels, only to come out this past week to reveal that he was aware. Either you knew the truth or you didn’t and it doesn’t look good Mr. Trump that Americans are questioning rather you’re telling the truth or not.

Things get even more complicated for Trump and those in his inner circle when former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani divulged on Sean Hannity’s talk show that Trump paid Michael Cohen back the $130,000 that he paid to Stormy Daniels. The big question on everyone’s mind is rather Trump utilized campaign funds to take care of that payment. That might be why FBI Director Robert Mueller raided Cohen’s office, and is so determined to speak to Mr. Trump himself. I mean it seems these ‘leaks’ that come out day after day about Mueller, Trump, Cohen, Daniels, Guiliani and so many other players in this fiasco of a mess (if that is what you can even call it are ludicrous at most).

We need to be able to separate the truth from fact, and right now as Americans none of us really have all the answers. Its speculation and as we all know speculation can be very dangerous because it opens the door for accusations to fly out that can simply be untrue. I like fact when it comes to my news; I don’t want doubt or suspicion to be raised. I want to know with certainty that something has transpired and that we have hardcore evidence to back up the claims. I mean it certainly looks like Stormy Daniels is enjoying being in the spotlight. I mean this woman has had countless media appearances as journalist eat up her every word. I mean she was part of the big open on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. Can’t say I ever expected that in a million years, but guess what: it happened!

Trump has not held back that he welcomes a conversation with FBI Director Mueller, but at the same time his attorney knows that is like suicide, so the likelihood of that conversation ever happening seems improbable. However, wouldn’t you want to be the fly on the wall as those two sat down and chatted? I know I would love to be in that room, as would every other journalist or reporter in the world. My frustration with this whole fiasco is that it is distracting for important business at hand for the President of the United States of America.

We have issues with Iran, North Korea and so much more transpiring, and all of those things are taking a backseat for nonstop coverage of this ‘scandal,’ which at present we still don’t know all the details of what has or has not transpired. To be honest I cannot wait, and I mean wait until this saga comes to an absolute end and I never have to hear the name Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump in the same sentence again.