HOLLYWOOD—I knew the battle between Ashley and Jack would culminate in some major way on “The Young and the Restless,” but never in a million years did I expect this. Why? Ashley was revealed to be responsible for the Jack paternity mayhem, just as Dina remembered another secret from her past. There was a safe in the Jabot offices, one that only John and Dina knew about. As a result, Kyle sleuthed yet again and discovered that John and Dina left a file leaving all patents of the company in Ashley’s possession.

Just when you thought Ashley was down and out, a glimmer of hope arrives. How so? Kyle, who was just happy to learn that his father was appointed back to the position of CEO, might lose his legacy. So to protect his father, Jack and Kyle decided to shred the document. However, they never expected Traci of all people to go digging in the trash to piece back the document and provide it as evidence to Ashley’s legacy. Yes, Ashley did a horrid thing making Jack question his paternity, just as Jack was wrong for the blood clause and shredding the document. How can I best say this? Both siblings were wrong in their actions to one-up each other in their effort to gain control of their father’s company.

The Abbott family has hit rock bottom if you ask me. Ashley is at odds with Jack and Kyle, just as Kyle, Jack, and Billy are at odds with Ashley. Abby is caught in the middle of it, while Traci is the sane sole person who only attempted to be honest, but things blew up in her face. Unable to get over the betrayal, Ashley decided to take her patents and vacate Genoa City. Is this the way I wanted to see the great Eileen Davidson exit the soap which she has called home for nearly 30 years? No. I think the writers could have done much better, but it is what it is. There isn’t much that can be done at this point, at least for the time being.

Well think again, because the battle for Jabot is back front and center, and instead of just Billy and Jack vying for the top spot, Phyllis has thrown her hat into the ring with an ally no one saw coming. Ok, this is just silly at this point, Phyllis is not even an Abbott so her desire to hold the top spot after so much turmoil.

Just when I though the writers were putting the Lily behind bars story on the backburner, it made a few waves, but none of epic proportions when she was attacked behind bars. It raised concerns for Neil, Cane, Devon and the twins. We already know that Christel Khalil is on recurring contract at “Y&R” which means we will see less and less of the character in coming weeks.

I seriously cannot believe it has been over 6 months since J.T. Hellstrom was ‘murdered’ on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” However, this week, the fearsome four did something I thought they would have done a long time ago. What was that? After being blackmailed by a sinister foe, they decided it time to dig up J.T. to ensure he is still where they assumed him to be buried. Phyllis, Victoria, Nikki and Sharon were in agreement, but there was one thorn in the mix: Jill, who wanted to call Nikki’s bluff.

Rey is eager to get to the bottom of the bond of these four, but I really don’t think he’s the blackmailer, nor do I suspect it to be Tessa at this point. I’ll still holding out that suspicion that J.T. is not dead, nor is his body in that grave. The audience will soon find out. I thought the writers might have pulled this trick out sooner, but as I stated I didn’t expect this to fully come to its head until November sweeps dawned upon us. Now that November has arrived the fun is truly beginning.