HOLLYWOOD— It feels like it has indeed been quite some time since we’ve talked about the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” For starters, it seems the agent of chaos: Adam Newman is at the core of the drama. Adam got the confirmation when he returned to Kansas that he did indeed murder that man while trying to protect his mother. So was the crime justified? Yes, but as a result it has totally eaten away at Adam’s soul and it is starting to force him to question rather this one thing from his past has shaped who he has become in his adult life.

Everyone is pulling at Adam, Chelsea, Victor, Nick, Noah, Nikki and Victoria to name a few. Do you know the one person who has allowed Adam to breathe and collect his thoughts and navigate his emotions and where he wants to move forward with his life? Chelsea just wants him to forget it; not going to happen. Victoria and Nick are oblivious to their brother’s plight. Do you know who is in his corner? Sharon! Yes, Adam’s former flame has been by his side and encouraging him to take the time to focus on figuring out everything in his head.

So much to the point, everyone in Sharon’s family is upset at her because she should be focused on fighting her cancer, but Adam is pulling at her. Rey walked out on her, Chelsea is jealous as hell, and it’s apparent the bond between Adam and Sharon is absolutely building. Could we see a Sharon and Adam reunion? It feels like the writers are pushing things in that direction and I’m all for it. With that said, Adam has another problem brewing, his pal Alyssa is back in town and she’s fishing for information about a man who went missing in Las Vegas.

That spells trouble for Adam and Chance who know that ‘guy’ is dead and they covered it up. Alyssa is like a viper and will get to the truth, which has Adam, Chance and Abby worried that little secret is about to blow up in their face. With that said, it’s nice to see the writers have actually given Chance a storyline or something to do; it is long overdue people. In other Genoa City news, Kyle and Summer are planning to move in together, there is a bit of friction in Lola and Theo’s relationship, and Phyllis and Nick seem to be going stronger than ever.

However, the other big tale retorts back to the family history of Amanda Sinclair. So many of us were certain that when Amanda showed up in GC city that she was Hilary Curtis in disguise, but this is not “Days of Our Lives” or “General Hospital.” The fact that she LOOKS directly like Hilary is no coincidence. They were born 1 day apart, they have the same blood type, look like identical twins, it seems like it is all leading up to the reveal that Amanda is Hilary’s twin sister. It is so obvious the writers need to just come out already and just say it.

It does raise the notion that the friction in Elena and Devon’s relationship is building. She has always been worried about competing with Hilary, Devon’s one true love and it looks like those insecurities are starting to get to her now that a DNA test could be in the works. As for Devon and Amanda, they just don’t have the chemistry that is believable if you ask me as a couple. The writers have tried to push it, but it just is not clicking if you ask me America.