HOLLYWOOD—Funny lady Tina Fey and leading man Paul Rudd team up for the first time in the dramedy, “Admission,” which sets them in the grounds of Princeton for an academic journey of many proportions.

Half romance, and surprisingly half drama in some sorts, “Admission” is directed by Academy-Award nominated director Paul Weitz (“About a Boy,” “In Good Company,” “Being Flynn”) and stars “30 Rock” actress Tina Fey, who plays Portia Nathan, an admissions director at Princeton.

Having the daunting task of telling potential applicants “no” to admissions to Princeton, Portia visits one of the many high schools required for work only to never leave quite the same way she returned.

Coming into the picture is John Pressman (Rudd), who is everything Portia could ever want in a man. Similar to Rudd’s usual characters, John is a sweet, charming and nice guy anyone could fall in love with.

Though the film may route the similar romcom style to a hilarious happily ever after, the direction is changed to a more dramatic one when John reveals that one of the students attending the school may be Portia’s. This later forces Portia to not only to explore the truths about this boy who may be her potential son, but makes her re-evaluate some of her life choices.

Even with the different settings and alternate route to a more dramatic approach, the film runs a bit too long, and unless really wired and giving the film all your attention, you may find yourself bored in some parts. Even Fey’s comical style can run stale in some scenes: you can tell she’s just trying. Thankfully, Rudd’s character is so adorably charming, you want to stick around to see what becomes of him in the end.

Overall, “Admission” is a cute film. Though it can have many obvious flaws that at time can overtake the general mood, the movie insures a few good laughs and charming moments. Hardcore fans of Fey or Rudd will no doubt enjoy the pairing of these two stars, while others may want to enjoy this film when it comes out on DVD and have plenty of time to kill.

By Carmen Herrera