Kanye West Sued For Copyright Infringement


LOS ANGELES—The children of 70s rock musician, David Pryor, have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against rapper Kanye West on the basis that he used parts of their father’s song, “Bumpin’ Bus Stop,” in his 2005 hit song “Gold Digger.”

Pryor, who died in 2006, recorded and released the song with his band, Thunder and Lightening, in 1974.

His children, Lorenzo Pryor and Trena Steward, each own a quarter of the rights to the song. They are claiming that when the song is listened to closely, the voice of their father can be heard singing “Get Down” three times throughout the song.

Steward and Pryor, are not only asking for millions in damages, but are asking the song be prohibited from future sales.

This is not the first time that West has been accused of using other works in his songs. West was sued in 2010 for using musician, Vincent Peters’ work in his song, “Survivor.” West’s lawyers were able to prove that Fredrick Nietzsche’s famous saying, “that which does not kill us makes us stronger,” was the inspiration behind the track, and ultimately cleared West from any wrongdoing.

By Helya Askari